Fractured wrist, how long to heal?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by *sarah*, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. *sarah*
    Hi guys, I have fracutred my wright wrist (I'm a lefty) just wondered if anyone else had done this as I'm not sure how long it will take to heal so have cancelled my clients up till saturday. Have to go back to hospital on thursday to see how bad it is and if I'll need a cast (hope not or I won't be allowed to drive!) xx
  2. kimi1101
    oh no!!! no idea but i would guess you'll need a cast (but why didnt they just xray it today?)
  3. *sarah*
    they x-rayed it yesterday, and doc sai was a fracture but could'nt see how bad (no idea how not lol )but he was a bit airy fairy to say the least............xx
  4. kimi1101
    maybe if it was swollen...

    strange they are leaving you til thursday though...

    maybe you won't need a cast if they aren't in such a rush but i guess they will tell u not to drive whatever is wrong with it xxx
  5. aangel
    hi, i fractured my wrist when i was 9 (well actually a full displacement) and then fractured both when i was 16 (dont ask lol)
    if you need a cast, it will be most likely 6 weeks in it. it does depend mostly on the severity.
    sometimes only a "half" cast is needed, which will be on a shorter time.
    you will be able to work as soon as you feel able even with the cast (depending on what you do) but it will depend on the doc as to driving.
    the best thing is to ask the doc today.
    good luck, hope its not that bad xxx
  6. steve@nouvatan
    to be healed properly your looking at 6 weeks nowadays they usually put you in a velcro splint when you break your wrist and for me driving was nt a problem and i took it off after a couple of weeks once the pain had gone but was very carefull with it,I had a broken pelvis at the same time and needed the wrist to use my crutches !!
  7. *sarah*
    well went to hospital today, he was ready for putting me in a plaster (have a velcro splint on just now) managed to talk him out of it lol I've to go back next week if the pain is still bad so fingers crossed so do not want a cast on purely so I can drive :) might give the insurance company a call 2mrw and see if they would still insure me with half a cast on, as hand is fully operational, its just the wrist!
    Clients have all been so lovely just hope I can work next week!
    omg steve did u have to get a wheelchair? lol xx
  8. steve@nouvatan
    NO !! no wheelchair but physio wouldnt let me leave hospital until i could get up and down stairs on crutches as i was living in a flat in london on the 4th floor with no lifts:eek:
    the wrist was almost healed by the time i got mobile
  9. Angelaznailz
    Don't be in too much of a hurry. I broke my wrist (mashed it so bad I had to get scaffolding to hold it together :irked:) however, it took 6 weeks to heal and then intensive physio.
    If your clients value your services, they'll understand .........eventually :rolleyes:
  10. soriminah
    Sometimes with wrist fractures, it is hard to see the break straight away. It's not uncommon for the DR to re-xray a week later to double check if they can't see something the first time.

    You need to be careful of not overdoing it if you are only taking a week off work. I know a few people who have had a scaphoid fracture and it has taken up to 12 months to get back to normal use.
  11. Seraphine
    Oh Sarah - ouch! I'm so sorry you got hurt. How are you feeling now?

    I can't agree more with Soriminah - using it too much too fast is really going to set you back. I haven't experienced it so much with my hands, but 5 years ago I broke two bones in my foot, and almost a year to the day, tore all the ligaments in my other foot. I rushed both injuries, and still have problems. They don't hurt all the time, but they do still hurt and their use isn't optimal. Cramping up, easily fatigued... when the doctors told me to get off my injuries and STAY OFF THEM I should have listened.

    Your clients will understand - the ones that don't aren't worth keeping. I'm facing that right now - I'm going back to work in January after a long mat leave. I was supposed to go back in September, but I got really sick and ended up spending most of the summer in hospital, so I've pushed back going back to work. A lot of my clients have sent messages and stopped by to see me, and I know they are waiting for me. The others... well... I'm hoping that they will come back eventually. Can't win them all!

    I'm not far from you - if you need a hand, or just want to grab a coffee and commiserate, let me know :)

  12. *sarah*
    I'm actually doing quite well, have only done 2 clients over the holidays, was a bit painful after but managed through! ~I think I heal quite quickly as I broke 3 fingers a few years back was meant to be in a cast for 6weeks but had it off after 3 never had any probs :) But I have been trying to take it easy not lifting heavy things etc I would just be silly If I did that lol xx


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