'funky' uniform ideas needed!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Loufd, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Loufd
    Im opening a new salon shortly which along with offering all the usual Nail & hair extension & Beauty treatments will also have a big Tanning (sprays & beds) section aswell.

    I need to find uniforms for the staff - nail tech's, beauticians & the girls who look after the sunbeds and act as receptionists. I want to get a 'funky' type of feel to the uniform cause im pitching the salon at the 18-35's market and bearing in mind that we have quite a big male market for the sunbeds :biggrin: i dont' want the uniform to be too 'beauticianny' if you know what i mean! I was looking for something a bit different to the customised polo shirts or regular t-shirts...

    Any suggestions would be great!

  2. pellant
    I know that you said that you did not want tshirts, but I also order the above 3 different sorts for nails, tanning and beauty and they are great I love them, and I have had some really good comments they are from a lady on ebay and very good value for money too.
  3. Bagpuss
    doh !!! sorry babes i didnt read your thread properly..i didnt see the not custom t-shirts bit...soz x
  4. VHunter
    White button-up dressy shirts (short sleeve or long) with black pants/skirt and black suspenders? Or a different color shirt for every day of the week? or different color for each tech? Brights? (white might be better though so they can bleach it if they get something on it)

    thinking some more, will get back to you.. it's the "Funky" part I'm quibbling on, not sure what direction you mean by funky.
  5. juju
    wot about some tank tops with rinestones you could have the girls names on them for example 'the receptionist 'in rinestones etc my boss this was a while ago did the spray tanning part of our salon and he had 'spray me baby' on his top he was thinking about something fun and I came up with it he loved it
  6. Bud
    :eek: :eek: :eek: i'm thinking that suspenders means something different in canada to the uk???:eek: :eek: could give the wrong idea to those male clients!!!
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  7. VHunter

    I guess so.

    Here, "suspenders" are black (sometimes other colors too) elastic straps that go over your shoulders to hold your pants up.

    What are they in the uk??
  8. juju
    here suspenders are to hold your stockings up vey sexy your suspenders are called braces here
  9. Tiara
    im after some funky beautician clothes too hun, i would love to know where jade goody got her pink tunic dresses from and them new black tunic style tops shes got her therapists wearing lately
  10. Loufd

    Thanks for the fab replies :wink2: . I threw the idea out to some girlfriends over the weekend and they thought of the new button up dresse style tops over 3/4 length trousers, i love the rhinestone ideas with their job titles on it, very slick :cool: !! Definately going to try and source some of those!

    thanks again,
  11. juju
    tunic dresses sound great.show us a picci when you get some. tiara i love jades salon she is so funny:lol:
  12. Bud
    ditto! i love the pink & black uniforms she has.. and i've tried EVERYWHERE to find em! even emailed jade (via her website) but she didn't reply! boooooooo!:smack:
  13. Bud
    have received the grahame gardner brochure today!

    it's FAB!! there's a down-loadable version online... but my laptop took one look and crashed!!!

    there's loads of choice tho, really profesisonal brochure and you can mix and match colours and designs..


    think i might have even found my jade-inspired dress! yay!
  14. Louise76
    Another company is Inline London.

    They have some beautiful, elegant uniforms in new colours such as a pale jade


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