Gel II UK launch is nearly here

Discussion in 'Nail' started by StephR, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. StephR
    So who's excited about the Gel II launch? There is definitely a huge buzz around about it.

    Personally I cannot wait to get my hands on more colours. I successfully introduced Gel II into my Salon alongside Shellac 2 months ago and my client's are going crazy for it.

    It applies like a dream, lots and lots of gorgeous colours to choose from too. They've got core colours, beautiful glitters and my favourites are definitely the reaction polishes.

    It feels super thin on the nail but its incredibly strong. Best bit is there's NO base coat needed and it's both LED and UV cureable!

    Steph xx
  2. Steph41
    Hi, who will be the distributer in the UK ? I like the look of it and would love to try some x
  3. StephR
    The distributor will be announced at Olympia

    Steph xx
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  4. sophie_b
    How long does it last on your clients? How's removal compared to shellac? Really looking forward trying it out!
  5. angelcmn
    Could you use a Shellac lamp to cure? I saw somewhere that the shine needs removing from the nail prior to application. is this necessary? X
  6. StephR
    They are easily getting 2-3 weeks and so am I. Shellac always started to chip or peel on me from the acetone, scrubfresh etc.

    Removal is different to Shellac, you need to buff to break the seal then wrap. It crumbles rather than curls like Shellac does. Any remaining on the nail easily removes with a plastic backed pad soaked in acetone.

    Steph xx
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  7. TheRealMrsGrey
    After seeing your vids Steph, this definitely looks like a product I want to invest in!!

    Looking forward to distributor announcement! xxxx
  8. StephR
    You won't regret it honey. If you are about tomorrow morning why not pop round to mine and have a cheeky play before the launch 😉

    Steph xx
  9. TheRealMrsGrey
    Do you know, I would bloody love to - sounds like heaven!

    Unfortunately, I've been roped into chaperoning a school trip :( ugh!

    Thanks for the invite though...please bear me in mind for future play dates!!

  10. Beauty4all
    Hi Steph. Sounds very interesting! Can you give me a link to your vids please :)
  11. rachg
    Not sure if you'd be aloud to do this but im just interested in the pricing (im so impatient!!) would you possibly pm me the prices for gel2 if your not aloud that's totally fine I understand but thought I may aswell ask lol. Also how much do u get in a bottle and is it uv curable? thanks x
  12. StephR
    Let me know if you are about next week when kiddies are at school and we could arrange it then if you fancy it.

    Steph xx
  13. StephR
    Ah no idea how to link on my silly phone but if you search Gel II or Stephanie Rowlands on youtube they'll come up.

    Steph xx
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  14. StephR

    I honestly have no idea about the UK prices yet as I bought mine directly from the US because I was far too impatient to wait until September. All will be revealed very soon though! The bottles are 14ml so same size as Gelish etc. Yes it's UV cureable, 2 minutes for both colour coats and top coat. LED is 30 seconds for colour and 50 seconds for top coat.

    Steph xx
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  15. DivineByDesign
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  16. 411
    Looking very interesting!!

    They are launching at Olympia am I right? What's the name of the company?
  17. nicole333
    I think their stand at Olympia is going to be buzzing! I'm certainly going to be there. No base coat, LED, reactions....they are really leading the way and I can't wait to try them. :)
  18. StephR
    Yes launching at Olympia. I'm pretty sure the stand is Gel II however it may be down as La Palm. It's stand B50.

    Steph xx
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  19. 411
    Excited and worried!

    I've invested so much in CND Shellac, if I introduce this people might not want shellac anymore!

    I don't have loads to clients to be able to offer a range of gel polishes. The ones I have love CND Shellac.

    Decisions Decisions!
  20. StephR
    I'm currently offering it alongside CND Shellac. Like you I've invested a lot of money in to it. I brought it on for the colour range more than anything to start with however I've totally fallen in love with Gel II and now personally prefer it. I've got some very loyal CND Shellac clients who will not try anything else but I've got others who don't care what they have they choose purely on colour.

    Bringing Gel II in to the salon has been a huge sucess for me, client's I've not seen for a long time have come back and it's also brought in lots of new client's as well.

    Steph xx

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