Gel or acrylic?

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  1. Lauren1702
    Disclaimer- I'm not a pro or wanting to be trained I'm just looking for advice.
    I want to get my nails done as I'm off on holiday soon, the salon I have looked at offers gel and acrylic for the same price. What are the pros and cons for each before I decide to book?
    I have not been to the salon or spoken to them but they do have very good reviews.
    No hate please- just looking for advise.
  2. Trinity
    Let your technician decide based on your needs and requirements which they should discuss with you at the beginning of your appointment. Both have pro's and cons, such as hard gel cannot be soaked off but L&P can, so if you need them off before returning to work a soak off product is better. If you are hard on your nails you may be better with L&P over gel, etc.

    The salon are obviously well informed as they are charging based on suitability not trend/popularity
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  3. Lauren1702
    Thank you for your reply,
    I will email them to book an appointment :)

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