Gel polish ruined my nails, really?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Bo, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Bo
    Just had a person tell me gel polish ruined her nails. She didn't know that I did nails. I asked her how they were removed. "Oh, they used a drill" ! It makes me sad someone thinks its the fault of the product. I did my best to inform her one is never to use an e-file to remove gel polish. But I doubt she will give it another go.
  2. ShannonU
    Yikes!! There are too many unqualified people pretending to be nail techs!! Ugh.
  3. Bo
    What dismays me is that in my state you need to have 500 hours with an accredited school to obtain a license to do nails.
  4. Jocie
    Oohh dear...that is painful
  5. Welsh Nails
    I had someone say much the same thing about Shellac at a child's party yesterday, so as she is a parent at the school, I have offered to do her a free set over a cuppa to prove that it is the technician not the product that caused her problem! Not that I have anything to prove, but hey go good networking with other parents is always a plus!!
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  6. geeg

    We all have something to prove and the opportunity to prove it on many occasions during the day, because like it or not, the public perception of the women (and men) in our profession sucks.

    We are perceived by most not to be professionals at all, but to be a bunch of cowboys that make money from ruining other people's nails, and this is not unjustified because, largely there is an abundance of 'messers' and cowboys doing just that very thing. I for one resent it.
  7. Beautygirl1977
    I have had loads of people saying to me shellac ruins their nails. I know it's because of the removal. I can't wait to educate my clients once I've done my course. It is actually far better for their nails than what I'm using just now but they think what I'm using is better! But it's because of the service they are getting from other therapists. It's shocking!
  8. Bo
    I resent the low standards the general public are accepting in discount salons. They think its the norm for nail services. I can spot discount nails across the room. I manage a restaurant in the wealthiest city in my state , Scottsdale Arizona. I do nails part time because I love it. I do see quality work on some. But I see women daily that have new boobs, new lips and taut faces and discount nails!!!!
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  9. geeg
    I can honestly say that I have never had one single solitary person come to me and say Shellac ruined their nails ... :eek:
  10. PixieBeauty
    I haven't had that yet but I constantly hear "oh it doesn't suit my nails it only stated on a couple of days" & I think, it can't be all down to incompatible nails, I hear it all the time. It must be improper application/fake products and/or hyped up expectation! Xx
  11. An*Gel
    I have!

    But when I quiz them about it, I realise that it's not Shellac that they are talking about at all - it's always another brand and the word 'Shellac' is used by so many salons as a general term for gel polish. This drives me mad, as CND Shellac is a Power Polish and not a gel polish. It doesn't require any buffing of the surface of the nails, or any primer and removes from the nail in less than 10 minutes flat with absolutely no damage to the natural nail.

    I have been wearing CND Shellac for two and a half years, with no break at all and my nails have never looked so good.

    This is why it's so important, that all CND Shellac service providers sign up for the CND Shellac Certification programme, so your clients will know that you have the CND seal of approval. :)
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  12. gambletroy
    I have too, just this morning. A friend of a friend complimented my nails at brunch and asked me what it was. When I said Shellac, she scrunched up her face and said, "Ew, gel. That stuff ruins your nails." I explained to her what Shellac actually was and showed her a set of pictures I carry on my phone, which are of my nails: first with the 14day wear (showing growth), then with the wraps on, then before using the orangewood stick, then after using it, then after the final wipe off and then with solar oil. That usually convinces them.
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  13. An*Gel
    It's funny - my nails used to be thin and bendy and very flaky and now they look great, thanks to Shellac.

    They have actually improved and I'm really proud of them now and constantly have to file them down, as they grow like mad. My nails were so soft before and used to wear down so much, that I felt they never grew and they were always short, so I had to wear enhancements.

    Now I'm enhancement free and loving my beautiful natural nails. :D Yaaaay!!!

    Here's a pic

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  14. geeg
    Same story for me. Three years with Shellac and I'll never look back.
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  15. An*Gel
    How did we ever live without it? :eek:
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  16. Cuttie_Pie
    You have beautiful natural nails :)
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  17. gr8nailz

    Gurrrl, if I had a dollar for every new client who's come to my salon to tell me this very thing, I'd be rich! So many low-end nail salons are using e-files to remove non-traditional polishes because it takes about 3 minutes to file off as compared to 10-15 to soak off. That's a significant savings as far as time is concerned....and we all know time is money. But a conscientious nail professional cares about the condition of her clients' nails. That's what makes us nail professionals rather than just nail techs.

    It also gives wonderful products like Shellac and OPI Gelcolor a bad name.
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  18. NancySyd
    While traveling, I went to a salon for removal and re-ap of my Shellac - I had even called ahead to make sure that they were trained in Shellac. The tech pulled out a drill and came at me and I quickly pulled away. I pointed out that these were soak-off nails. I told her that I did not want them filed off, but she insisted that the e-file was faster.What part of "soak-off" did she not get?! I left. I couldn't get back to my tech at home fast enough.

    So when I hear people say, "Shellac ruined my nails" I start asking questions. Within minutes I can usually identify some departure from the instructions that caused the damage - excessive buffing (or in the case of Shellac, buffing at all), long soaks in pure acetone, aggressive cuticle removal, scraping the nail with metal implements, etc. And as I've worked in this industry, I continue to be astounded by what people manage to do with this product to make it damaging to nails.
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  19. An*Gel
    Thank you very much Cuttie_Pie, I never thought anyone would ever say that to me. If I can find a picture of what my nails looked like before Shellac I'll post it for you, just to prove my nails didn't always look like that.

    Edit... OK I've found one :eek:

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  20. Planky1
    I have the exact same with a few of my clients An*Gel, their nails in a poor state to start with and now can't believe how long and strong their nails are after just a few Shellac appointments and regular use of Solar Oil. It really makes me laugh how the Shellac name gets thrown about. Talk about jump on the bandwagon of a companies success! Problem being, is by people using Shellac as a Term instead of a Brand, it's causing most to have the screwed up face reaction because they immediately think of excess filing and nail damage.

    I do love it when I put people right and gain their business :D
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