Gel top coat cracking ezflow.

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Miss Sylk, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Miss Sylk
    Can anyone advise my why my gel top coat may crack on nail polish? is it because the polish isnt dry enough?? if so do i have to wait 20 mins before applying??
  2. mizzy_dizzy
    It's more to do with curing and shrinking and flexibility hun, Gel top coats are not ment for over polish.
    Some say it works for them but what about removal? Over expousuere and the problems your having?
    If gel top coats over polish really was the answer why wood things like shellac and gelish have done so well so fast?
  3. mizzy_dizzy
    If you want a reallly fast drying ultra shiny top coat try IMN out the door , or for the added sparkle northen lights (yhats out the door with hollagrapic glitter)
  4. Miss Sylk
    I havnt looked into shellac yet, what is it?

    I have posted another query on here about my clients nails that are confusing me. Maybe what she has on is one of these fab topcoats, her french seems to last weeks! ive heard its because it lasts longer over a gel or acrylic overlay base rather than the nail bed?

  5. VHunter
    For my L&P and UV Gel Overlays, that I've painted a French / Funky French on, I use Nailite Seal-it Gel topcoat that never cracks etc. Client's return for fill/balance with their french intact.

    HOWEVER I have yet to find a good uv gel topcoat for over 'full coverage' polish. Gel needs a rough surface to stick to and polish is slick.
  6. Envy
    ok guys, we're discussing several products here to achieve the same purpose..

    Nail Polish and fast set polish top coats (such as 'out the door')
    Are a solvent based product, they cure by evaporating the solvent out allowing the product to dry and cure. Anything put over the top that does not allow the evaporation will cause them to stay soft and ripple or buckle.
    NB. Nail polish can take up to 12 hours to fully cure, not just 20 minutes...

    UV cured polish top coats - these products are essentially the same as a nail polish but use a uv reagent to help speed the process up

    Gel Top coats - These are a true gel product, an oligomer based enhancement product. When these set they have formed a solid polymer overlay and are only designed to work correctly with their appropriate gel system. To apply this over a 'nail polish' you would in reality need to wait until the nail polish is fully finished the evaporation process, and then it's only as strong as the nail polish bond to the nail...

    Shellac - is a colour coat system that is a 'new' concept, it is a combination of gel and polish technology, so needs it's own catagory... fantastic long and hard wearing nail colour that wears very well :)

  7. Pebbles#1
    mizzy-dizzy...... where are you getting the imn out the door from?
    I used to use this all the time, and clients were in love with the hologram top coat.

    I used to get it from Designer Nails, but sadly S2 don`t sell it :sad:

  8. Miss Sylk
    This might be the answer i was looking for. So i need UV Polish top coat NOT gel top coat for a varnish protector/sealer?? any advice on a good one i can get here easily in the uk? Ibd do one i think is it good for this? i need one to cover nail art, on tips. Thanks for the help.
  9. Miss Sylk

    Thanks, ill have a look at Nailite, hope i can get it easily in the UK? i do sometimes do nail art on the full nail though, with a polish underneath so i would like it to do that too. If it can do nail art on tips usig polish, why cant it do the full nail?

    I now know that my Gel it top coat will not do over tip nail art as i discovered last night with 30 mins dry time on my own nails, cracking on pressure today :-(

    I need this answer fast as i did that clients nails last night with this principle and i was scared this might happen, so its inevitable she will call me to tell me it has! :-( need to buy a uv polish top coat fast or stick to my full gel overlay for her, still doesnt help with the nail art with nail art pens problem though.

  10. mizzy_dizzy
    Natral nails are just to flexible for a normal uv top coat it will just craze and crack very quickly that's if you get that far with out wrinkling ,
    over enhancements with art gel top coat will work, on natral nails over polish it just won't and if it dose it won't last,
    that's why shellac has filled a gap in the Market because it can handle being on flimsy nat nails it flexs with it insted of cracking,

    If it's longer lasting full cover polish And french you want invest in shellac as that dose work insted of bying loads of other things that might not work for what you want it for ,

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