Gelish and pregnancy

Discussion in 'Nail' started by welshrarebit, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. welshrarebit
    Hello all
    I have done a gelish manicure and pedicure on a pregnant lady who is 13 weeks pregnant.
    She has contacted me to say that after only 4 days the gelish started to peel off her nails so she ended up picking it all off.
    Im wondering how can being pregnant have an effect on gelish application, I mean I dont understand how the hormones in pregnancy can affect gelish.
  2. ChicUnique
    I might be wrong, but sometimes the hormones can make your skin, hair and nails more oily than normal? This would effect the gelish wear.
    I know when I was pregnant, both times I couldn't wear anything on my nails as it would come off in days. Hope this helps. Xx
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  3. welshrarebit
    I thought that as well about the nails being extra oily as pregnancy can affect hair as well.
    Ive never worked on a pregnant lady in all my 8 years of being mobile, so this was a first for me
  4. nicole333
    Is it just me, or did that article not actually make a lot of sense?

    I'm looking forward to reading Allens science thread on pregnancy/hormones if he has this on his list. :wink2:

    Thanks for posting though. :)
  5. shiv5953
    Im 22weeks pregnant and trained in Gelish when i was about 5 weeks and it was all fine up until a couple of weeks ago and now im getting awful peeling! Not only of my gelish but my nails too which i know doesnt help.
    I definately think its my hormones as my hairs gone abit rubbish atm too but only time will tell if it goes on well after ive had baby :)
  6. ChicBeauty4

    sorry to change the suject but in your profile picture , what gelish colour is that? its lovely!

  7. Cliché
    My mother used to always tell me that when she was pregnant with me "everything was better", her hair was smoother and shiny-er, her nails were stronger and growing quickly, her skin was beautiful, etc.

    So I think it's a possibility that hormones affect Gelish, as someone else mentionned, it's possible her nails are now a bit more oily than before and they're coming off because of that reason.

    But also remember, it's possible Gelish just isn't for her. Not everyone can wear gel polish and benefit from it's long durability. The lady I took my Gelish training with says she cannot wear Gelish no matter what, yet this is what she trains and sells, it really depends on the person.
  8. shiv5953
    Sorry for the late reply. Its carnival hangover :) xx

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