gelish base n top coat the same ?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by lovelynails, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. lovelynails
    hi someone pointed out to me that both the gelish base and their top coat have the exactly the same ingredients in which i checked on my bottles and it is the same in each bottle so this must mean its the same stuff but charge 29.99 for base n 16.99 for top coat but both the same product right ???????????? xx
  2. gillian w
    Well try using the cheaper one on top/bottom on yourself and see if it works the same.
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  3. B-Beauty
    I doubt it is the same hun , it could be diff amounts of the same ingredients I personally think base is thicker hth x
  4. lovelynails
    as listed its in same order which means the more of ingredients thats in it goes first to the least n both bottles read the same think i will try on myself as sugguested as surely they cant sell the same thing as 2 different products :irked: xx
  5. MissOwen
    try putting the base coat on you nails, curing for two minutes and wiping the sticky residue off..... if its as shiny and smooth as the top coat, then they may be the same, if not there is some significant difference!
  6. Nailsinlondon1
    They may be the same ingredients, but they may be in a different ratio.
    The only one that can really answer that would be Georgie or Jason at Nail Harmony, maybe give them a call, they should have all the product details at hand xxxx
  7. Zingara
    The MSDS shows them to be similar ingredients, in differing quantities and ratio's.

    I'm sure your trainer or supplier wil supply you MSDS if you require.
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  8. izzidoll
    Have you used this system?
    I have, and the Gel Foundation basecoat is a totally different consistency and is applied differently from the Top it Off , and you use so little of it that cost wise it probably works out a lot cheaper than the Top it off topcoat!!

    As for the ingredients being the same, think of it this way, most monomers and powders in acrylic systems have the same list of ingredients.....and yet prices and, more importantly, quality vary. This is because, as has already been pointed out, it is all down to the amount of each seperate ingredient that has been used.
  9. lovelynails
    thanks guys i understand now :hug: xx
  10. Janiwanidoodaa
    The ingredients are similar in Gelish Foundation and Gelish Top It Off but the ingredient ratios determine that they perform in very different ways.

    Gelish Foundation creates a bond with the natural nail and the colour, Gelish Top It Off seals in the colour and protects it for weeks with an amazing shine.

    You only need to use the products to see that they are very different in application, consistency and finish and if used in the wrong way you would get service breakdown.

    Jan Soar
    Head of Education
    Nail Harmony UK

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