Gelish fake?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ambz94, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. ambz94
    found this supplier who sells gelpolish, same bottle as gelish but says gelpolish instead of gelish is this a fake version ?
  2. ambz94
    not good. was just about to buy lots of colours until i realised the name. thought it was cheap haha x
  3. spjelgus
    You have to be really really careful what you buy. If you can, always buy from the official supplier. You can get the real deal on f.e. ebay and such, but it comes with no warranty, no refunds, no customer support. If you are willing to risk it go right ahead, but be careful!!!!:wink2:
  4. spjelgus
    If it's to cheap to be true, it most definately is:)
  5. ambz94
    yeah i know thanks:) x
  6. ambz94
    it was like £3.95 not sure if im ment to put prices on , hope im no breaking the rules haha
  7. xxJackiexx
    Definitely fake at that price ! The cheapest place you can get it where you know its real is the official uk stockists , if it's not an official stockist then steer clear x
  8. ambz94
    so glad i didnt buy it haha, looked to good to be true x
  9. syncage
  10. linzi
    Come on - at that price, you already knew it was ;)

    I wouldn't touch these with a bargepole. Like I've seen it said before - if these companies are so amazing, and spend so much on R&D, etc, then why are they just bothering to copy our well-known brands? Because if there products truly were so revolutionary and amazing, they'd be shouting it from the rooftops!

    Support your distributors, because THEY support you. Not only do they provide the products (all of which have had the appropriate taxes/duties paid) but they provide education so you know how to get the best from them, and excellent customer care, etc.... none of which you get from the fakes. And that's without going into the implications of using fake products on your insurance!
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