Gelish French turning brown/yellow!

Discussion in 'Nail' started by charonjames, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. charonjames
    A few days after applying a french manicure using gelish, the white part starts to get little light yellowish-brown spots in it. I apply the foundation, 2 coats of white and the top coat. It's still shiny after 2 weeks but the white tips aren't nearly as brilliant as they are when I first do it. Has anyone else had this problem? (Sorry if this has already been discussed. I looked but was unable to find anything.)
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  2. ValencianNails
    Is the discolouration due to smoking or transfer of colour pigment from food preparation? (ie carrots, curry powder/spices etc)

    Due to it being a soak-off product it's porous and is more likely to discolour than a hard/buff off gel for example.
  3. charonjames
    Nope. I don't smoke or cook and I wash dishes with gloves on because I like the water really hot.
  4. Bev Rose

    Are you shaking the Gelish before applying?

    This sounds like tiny air bubbles on the surface that are collecting dirt.

  5. charonjames
    I know what you're referring to because I've seen it before but that's not what's happening. The problem I have is that the top coat turns dingy. The reason I know it's the top coat is because when I file off the shine before removing, the white looks normal again.
  6. Pooh8bear
    Maybe you have contaminated your top coat, try a new bottle?
  7. tigi
    I was going to suggest contamination of the top coat?
  8. Bev Rose
    Ok, i
    I understand what you are saying.

    Which topcoat are you using & what lamp are you using?
  9. charonjames
    In regards to contaminating the top coat, it is highly unlikely. I've had this problem since the day I started using it. If it is contaminated, it was like that when I purchased it. I'm getting the same results as the top coat on regular french polish would give me. It just starts to look dingy and dirty after several days.

    The top coat I'm using is the Gelish Top-It-Off gel and I'm using a 36 watt Gel Curing UV Lamp.
  10. Carole.B
    I've had the same problem with one client and I do quiet a lot of gelish french ( using the same bottle of top it off ). This particular client nails starting turning dirty looking over a couple of days, when she came in to show me I buffed the top coat off and the white was uneffected. I thought she'd used tanning cream, she said she hadn't used anything.

    As I said, I have done french with the same bottles and no problems what so ever, so a mystery to me.
  11. jeanettes
    Could it be foundation (make-up) by any chance?
    JES x
  12. Carole.B
    In reply Jes to my client, I have had gelish french on with no discolour and use make up, so would properly have to be a specific make up that can cause it..xx
  13. charonjames
    Carole B - I posted this topic on another forum and someone else said they have the same problem when using the white so they put a regular top coat on top of the top it off. I'm going to try that and see what happens but hopefully someone will have another solution.

    In regards to the makeup, I don't use any foundation. The only thing I put on my face is blush and it's applied with a brush.

    For the record, I don't do ANYTHING with my hands/nails that could cause absorption of any kind so that possibility on all levels can definitely be ruled out. I don't smoke, garden, wash dishes without gloves, wear makeup, dye my hair, etc.
  14. Bev Rose
    Over the years of being a nail tech, I have used many differernt UV cured topcoats. None of which have discoloured.
    When a client has returned to me with discoloured french in the past (I'm talking acrylics here, before Harmony) & I have buffed the surface to produce a lovely white french, it is always apparent to of been an outside influence that has caused the discolouring & not the product.

    Certain products we use in everyday life can have this effect like hair mousse for blonde hair (the one that removes yellow tones) can over a few days leave a dirty look to the nail. It took a few weeks to work that out with a client, but that's what it was in the end, as I has the same product at home & tested it.
    Also, dye can come of clothing we are wearing, particularly new items, simply by brushing our nails on them throughout the day.
    Another clients french white turned pink - it was dicovered she was poorly & had been spending a long time wearing a new red dressing gown, they dye transfered off onto her nail - she went home to check & rang me to say that's how it happened.

    This is not a problem to have come up with Top It Off, so I would suggest it's something you are doing, after application.
    Another thing to check is your UV lamps bulbs, they do need to be changed every 4-6 months & make sure you are curing for the correct time in the UV lamp - 2mins.

    I'm sure we'll work out what's causing this eventually:hug:
  15. Carole.B
    My client went for a colour because she was going on holiday and didn't want to risk it, hence thinking it was tanning lotion.

    She came back 18 days later with still beautiful gelished nails but just the regrowth, but just had another colour on, but we said we would try french on her again at a later date.

    So would be interesting to hear from anyone else whos experienced it.

    Although I haven't lost my confidence doing gelish french because none of my other clients have been effected..xx
  16. Carole.B
    I agree Bev, when I have done so many french gelish and only happened to one client it must be outside influence like you said and not the "top it off" because I have used the same bottle on some of them..xx
  17. charonjames
    I'm not sure what it is that could be changing the color of the top coat. As I said before I don't smoke, cook, clean, do dishes without gloves, use dye or go tanning and the only 2 products that I put in my hair are clear! I wish I knew what could be causing this problem because I think all of the logical reasons have been ruled out.

    I'd like to see some pictures of gelish french manicures after two weeks. Does anyone happen to have any? I'm going to take a picture of my client's nails on Tuesday. I applied her french about 10 days ago and they have started to turn as well.
  18. Pooh8bear
    Could it be some chemical in your swimming pools.
    With Bio Sculpture I get my clients to put a top coat over the top before swimming to keep the chlorine off the porous gel.

    It might be worth trying polish top coat over the top of your gel top coat when you finish & if the gel top coat doesn't discolour you will know the problem is with something external & not you or the product.
  19. charonjames
    I haven't been swimming since July so that is not the cause either. I'm going to try the alternate top coat when I return to work tomorrow.
  20. Pooh8bear
    Let us know how you get on wont you, you have me baffled:)

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