Gelish hard gel or acrylic

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Sharny, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Sharny
    I currently only do Gelish on natural nails and I am thinking about going into enhancements. I did Gel nails with Tips about 4 years ago and gave up as no one except myself could keep them on!

    I have been spray tanning a load of girls for their Prom's and they have all been going somewhere else for their Acrylic nails :sad: so I feel I am losing out.

    Can you use Tips with Gelish Hard Gel or only sculpt?

    If you can only sculpt then maybe I should learn to sculpt in Acrylic, as this seems to be the most popular round by me. Do all the monomers have such a strong odour? I have Young Nails liquid & Powder atm, to practice on my practice hand and the smell goes all round my house :(

    Sorry for long thread :eek: x
  2. tiggerlady
    Hi, I trained with Harmony hard gel, and the course covers doing natural overlays, tips and sculpting, so it covers all options really!I chose to do gel as I have sensitive sinuses and get migraine, so monomer/acrylic wasnt really an option...
  3. Sharny
    Thank you for that, I know what you mean, I think I would get headaches and I already suffer with my sinuses. Do you get much call for it and does it last as well as Acrylics?

    My only worry was all the filing to get it off, as when I did gel before (NSI), I used to get wrist ache from all the buffing to remove them :( x
  4. lynn amber
    Hi I did my cousin yesterday with tips and gelish and structure as an experiment to see how thay last kept them really short though ,she normally get acrylic somewhere else and her nails r a bit of a mess ,but I warned her thay will not be nearly as strong as acrylic and she bits the side walls so will let u know how they go :-D

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  5. Sharny
    Interesting! yes let me know :D x
  6. Peppy
    Hi, I switched from Acrylics to gel because I suffered with the smell of the monomers.

    Ive only reacently trained, but im loving it. I chose Gelish Hard Gel as I already do Gelish (which i love!) and it made sense to use the LED lamp.

    I was taught tips, sculpts and overlays, and I think its much easier to master than acrylics. x
  7. MissLB
    See I do harmony acrylics and gelish but I've had maybe 1 or 2 requests for gel nails rest are always people asking for acrylic enhancements so I've not bothered I want to do it because I want to not for my business! Lol
  8. Sharny
    Thanks Guy's, this is the issue I have, because everyone in this area likes Acrylics! :confused:
  9. chazzybabe
    Does anyone know the price of gelish hard gel I know were not allowed to discuss on here but if someone could pm me that would be great :) x
  10. tiggerlady
    Have PMd you x
  11. Leanderlou
    Can u pm me too x

    Looking into this
  12. gems-gem's
    They really are quite different, the hard gel is a good option alongside Gelish. Fusion acrylic by harmony is beautiful to work with also. If you want to expand match it to your clients in the first instance. I get requests for both, some come for one and leave with the other ❤the Gelish hard gel covet pink is super popular with my ladies really natural looking
  13. anonaw
    Ive been using gelish hard gel for a while now and I love it and so do my clients. I also use the fusion acrylics which I don't use often but I find they last a while on my clients and clients seem happy with them. I currently have on myself as well the cover pink builder and white builder and love them.

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