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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Shellie xx, May 12, 2011.

  1. Shellie xx
    Has anyone else had trouble getting Gelish leaflets from Nail Harmony? I have asked quite a few times and didn't have any luck. I emailed Jason last week and he said that we actually have to pay for a separate printing company to print their leaflets with my salon details on it. Is it just me or does anyone else find this disappointing? Never before have I had to purchase my own leaflets from a company when I am effectively promoting them!
  2. ~Emmsybabes~
    I'm sorry, But I don't understand why you would be angry that you have to purchase leaflets for your own business ?

    The printers that have the template for the leaflets you can then put all your own details on them.
    which makes more sense than handing out general leaflets that nail harmony would be able to supply
    ( and did generously give out for a little while for us to sample )

    A leaflet promoting gelish in general would be of no use to you really as there could be another local salon doing gelish, How would people know it was for your salon ?
    And the printers is very reasonably priced from what I remember.

    At least this way, you can make it specific for you and your business.

    I don't think I have ever had free leaflets supplied with any of my nail products from any company ???
  3. dee
    i have always had to pay for mine , i used to buy the marketing stuff from cnd , ezflow etc.. the only thing i have ever got free is the permission to use the logos on my material x
  4. Shellie xx
    I just find it disappointing because I asked several times for some leaflets with no luck so I just assumed there weren't any ~ Im more than happy to get my own in that case. Then a client came in to me saying she'd had her nails done at another salon with Gelish but could i re-do them for her. With her she brought the leaflet she had been given by the other therapist! This was exactly what I had asked for! The therapist had put her salon details on the leaflet with her companies logo etc on a sticker which is what I normally do with leaflets I get from Tantrick, Jessica and Dermalogica which are foc when i order.

    I think I must have missed the boat with the leaflets being free for a trial despite me asking several times!

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  5. Moosebat
    Sounds like there may have been a misunderstanding. Harmony do provide POS material FOC but if you wanted your own salon details actually printed on them then we can provide details in various formats so you can get them customised, for your own salon. :hug:
  6. Shellie xx
    Thank you for your helpful reply Moosebat ~ that is exactly what I have been asking for! So when I do my next order am I able to order some of these? Do the leaflets give the clients a little bit of information about Gelish, how it works etc? Just so it helps me to get the name out there a bit more. I can leave them at the reception desk so every single client (even the hairdresser clients!) can take one and have a read?

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  7. Pooh8bear
    Bio Sculpture supply all leaflets & literature FREE OF CHARGE with a space on the back where you can put your own details .They also supply vouchers free of charge for you to fill in to give to the client, to the techs that sell/use their product.

    I have done some printing for Gelish i.e vouchers but I am not going to be spending any more of my time & money advertising their products when the public can go to Sally's & buy it.
  8. Moosebat
    You are welcome :green:
    The client leaflets are about half A4 and yes, they give a fair bit of information. Certainly ask for them next time you order and if you go to somewhere like Vistaprint, you can get small sticky labels printed for very little which you could put all your details on and add to them HTH :hug:

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