Gelish or Shellac over polish?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by moushax37, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. moushax37
    Will a gelish or shellac top coat work over regular polish?? I wear acrylics and everytime I do a set of nails my polish is destroyed. I am very hard on my nails and I know a lot of the girls nails I do are as well. I do a lot of nail art, so I want it to really stay and I haven't found a uv top coat that will really keep!!!

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  2. chrogers
    Why don't you do gelish / shellac over the top of your extensions? X
  3. moushax37
    I am still accruing my polishes in gelish. I only have 2 colors as of now and am not too comfortable doing art with it yet :/

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  4. geeg
    Shellac top coat does not work over regular polish.
  5. Minx Ontario
    No... sorry... it will not cure. It and the polish will wipe right off.

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