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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Chrisole, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Chrisole
    How will I know if a store that is selling gelish online is a genuine one?
    I need to find a salon in GA U.S that sells this and i found this one online but i do not know how to tell if they are authentic or not.
    If anyone knows an online store in GA U.S please let me know.
  2. attitude
  3. Chrisole
    Thank you! But one more question are you sure the site is legit? Not that it looks fake but I just really wanna be sure that i am buying the correct products.
  4. attitude
    I am quite sure, as I've used them. In the US and Canada (where I am), usually we don't have a local supplier like SweetSquared for example. Biosculpture is the only line I am aware of that requires buying directly from the rep. Therefore there are lots of places that are legit where we can obtain product. Where I am, my supplier sells Gelish, Shellac, IBD, LCN and CND to name a few.
  5. attitude
    Out of curiosity, why are you looking for a place in GA if you are in Greece?
  6. Chrisole
    There is only one gelish supplier in greece that i know is legit and they have been out of stock in most colors for quite a few months and since my fiance is in the US i am gonna have him get my supplies for me.

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