Gelish, Shellac, Orly Gel FX, which one?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by shahildar, May 11, 2012.

  1. shahildar
    I'm a newbie have posted a couple of times and not got a response :/

    Just wondering what everyone thinks is the best gel polish?! I had gellac on my nails and its chipped within a day .. Not impressed!

    & call me thick but do you NEED to buy the branded lamps to make the product work better or is my uv lamp fone lol

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  2. NandBbyAMY
    hello saw your post i'v used pro polish (NSI) but couldn't get on with it even though i use ter acrylic so went for Shellac and I love it and can trust it to stay on my clients most important!
    hope this helps
  3. ChicUnique
    Hey hun, there are hundreds of posts comparing all these products, and also hundreds comparing and explaining lamps. Just type a couple of key words in the search bit and loads will pop up :) I use gelish though, and love it. x
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  4. NAILed it !
    It's all about being'GELISHED' !!!!
    I also carry Shellac-
    So much more colour choice with gelish & stronger durability for my clients
  5. R D Beauty
    That's why I love Gelish it's fab ;)
  6. izzidoll
    Everyone will recommend what they use, I use Gelish and I would say it is the best...but I haven't tried Orly Gel fx or it is really not answering your question!

    What I will say is you need to be careful about what lamp you purchase.
    Gelish will cure in any 36 watt UV Lamp or in Harmony's LED lamps.
    Shellac will only fully cure in the CND UV lamp which is 36 watt.
    This is why I use 2 CND lamps to cure my Gelish, one for each hand, it speeds my time up and it also gives me the option to ad Shellac to my services at any time.

    If you want to keep using your own UV lamp then that rulesout Shellac as an option for you.
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  7. souz
    so many threads on here about depends what your clients are after so you will prob want to stock a couple of brands

    i have bio sculpture and shellac hth

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