Gelish vs coloured acrylic?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Emmabeautique, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Emmabeautique
    I've been doing nails (acrylic) although can do gel for 13 years ....I have over 500 colours.
    Thinking of introducing gelish but concerned that I will end up doing acrylic extensions then gelish over .. Therefor ending up doing 2 treatments and don't think clients would pay much extra ...
    Has anyone else considered introducing gelish whilst having coloured acrylics?? And if so what issues did you encounter?
    Do you think I would be targeting new clientele as can't see my acrylic ladies going with out acrylic ?? And don't want to end up doing 2 treatments and have to charge a minimal fee xx
  2. Maz101
    I do enhancements and often do shellac or Gelish over I just add £10 to the enhancement price, never had any worries.

    People arnt going to normally have coloured acrylic if having Gelish over, I do colours and 3d art and I've only ever done clear then, shellazc or Gelish.
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  3. Emmabeautique
    Just get the feeling people wouldn't pay as we have so many coloured acrylics!!!! Just love the idea of it but not sure if worth the investment xx
  4. linzi
    For many years, liquid and powder/gel enhancements or traditional polish were pretty much your only options if you wanted to have your nails done.

    Clients won't pay for coloured acrylics and then gelish on top, but now there are so many more options and a LOT of clients really want the perfect long-wear manicure without the commitment of having to wear enhancements. It is obviously your call, but it was fantastic for my business.
  5. vanitybeauty1
    It may being you more clients! Not everyone wants acrylics :) Adding Gelish to my treatment list was the best thing I ever did. They are so much more popular than acrylics in my salon now. Quicker for us too! ;)
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  6. LaurenSparkles
    Gelish bought my a whole load of new clients which is always a good thing. I have only done a couple on natural nails but I always do them over extensions. It does take me 2 hours for l&p and gelish but the clients pay for it. I only charge £5 extra for gelish or shellac over the top but it means every infill they can change there colour. It also takes me 90 mins to do an infill and re-gelish, I'm not the quickest but it's all the filing. I have a collection of 50 ish acrylic colours & glitters but I never use them only for glitter tips which for my customers went out with the ark. Xxx
  7. Emmabeautique
    Thanks ladies .... Think it's time to invest xxx
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  8. Maz101
    You won't regret it, you'll probably find some client graduate over to natural nails and also pull in new clients :)
  9. Emmabeautique
    Thanks again......going to give it a whirl xxxx
  10. Sayanigirl
    Let me know how you get on . In my area whoever I ask they want colour acrylic not polish on top of acrylic enhancements .dont know why . I tried to explain its easy to change colour but no one wants it . And customer are not happy to pay extra for gelish on top of enhancements x
  11. gems-gem's
    I've just got a reflections of harmony set, I'm doing the opposite lol
  12. Emmabeautique
    I think I may have to target new clients .... Think it's gonna be a risk to be honest xx
  13. gems-gem's
    I think it will do amazing for you! Most of my clients are gelish ❤ and I charge half price over enhancements people love the zero dry time ❤ I just love working with acrylic but I think they will just sit in my box trust me you won't have that problem with gelish Hun x
  14. cherryb
    More than half my customer base are gelish clients! I think it's amazing, and I don't know what I'd do without it now! The customers you have that have acrylic enhancements will probably never change from what they are used to and like, but that doesn't mean you can't have a completely different client base for gelish, I always offer a gelish upgrade to anyone booked in for a normal mani, once they have had it they never go back! It's a very profitable service! Hope it works for you :)
  15. Emmabeautique
    Going to take the plunge and hopefully it will work xx thanks ladies xx
  16. Emmabeautique
    Can anybody advise me on how long application takes xx
  17. vanitybeauty1
    I've got my time down to 30 min for shape, cuticle work and application.

    I usually book out 45 min just incase they decide to have Nailart, glitter or take ages deciding what colour to have and some nails need more prep.
  18. cherryb
    Ye me too usually 30 mins for plain one colour gelish, but wacky ones can take up too 45 :) you gotta order Bella's vampire amazing colour for the winter time!
  19. Emmabeautique
    What about if they have gelish already on ??
    Think gonna get 15 colours to start ....just need to pick which ones xx

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