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  1. Missgiggles
    Has anyone tryed the 15 day gel polish from salon services? what do you think to it x
  2. Pooh8bear
    Sorry haven't even heard of this one.
  3. salpep
    Ok I will admitt that I did buy one bottle of this stuff, because I had a client that wanted a colour I didn't have with my other brand..she wanted it the next day so I had no time to order my usual.

    Anyway..It's horrid lol..The brush is awful the hairs hardly spread out so going close to the cuticle is hard..(not impossible but hard)and it's texture is gloopy..I just didn't like it at all. I 'd save your money for something better :)
  4. Missgiggles

    thank you i willdo ! Salon services on facebook was advertising this today so i wondered if people had used this.

    thank you for your opinion xx
  5. wendy malley
    lol we've all got things we dont want to admit xx
  6. Pink & White's
    Hi I've been using various gel polishes for about 3 months now and did lots of research before investing in a brand.. I chose artistic however when gellux came out I was interested to try as the colour range appealed to me and obviously the cost can't be sniffed at, I use both brands along side each other with absolutely no problems at all my customers can't tell one from the other and tbh neither can I. I feel that all of the hybrid polish's are quite similar with the main difference being pricing. I find the brushes fine also maybe you got a bad bottle?? What a shame if so I'd give it another go... I am a complete snob when it comes to products I use on my clients and I have to say I've had flawless results with the gellux so far xx
  7. Anna Lee
    Just to clarify. Shellac is the ONLY hybrid polish on the market. It is in a separate category.
    Everything else are gel-polish which are thin gel in a bottle.

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  8. Jendog
    Salpep I'm sorry u were unhappy with it but I love it! And my mum thinks it's great too she has changed to gellux from artistic and really lives it! X
  9. Jendog
    I have to say I really did not like shellac and thought it was really tough on nails x
  10. lwoody
    I have just started using gellux and so far so good. Gellux is a hybrid between traditional nail polish and salon gels!
  11. vixxy
    After 12 years in the hair and beauty industry i have become quite fussy when it comes the products i use on my clients. Gellux, Shellac and gelish are hybrid polishes. I have actually trained with gellux and it actually states this on the course. Although i have used all three. From personal experience i prefer other gel polishes. i feel there are a larger range of colours compared to gellux. However it is more durable yet takes longer to remove. the top layer must be buffed off before wrapping the nails for removal. Especially the glitter combined gellux. This takes even longer to get off. i feel that you have to really dig at the product compared to the usual easy removal of most gel polishes. As for the brush and gloopyness i have had no problems with this so you must of had a bad batch. Clients do not notice the difference i just feel there is not the colour range to fill demand!
  12. MobileChic
    I have trained and been using Gellux for over a year now and I really like it. Yes a few more colour choices wouldn't go a miss, but the texture of the gel is the same as most I've tried. It is a bit harder to remove than Shellac but I find a quick buff and wrap, keep the hands wrapped warm and a good cuticle pusher works wonders. I don't remove with the orange stick like they said on training as it takes ages! X

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