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  1. Nailsinlondon1
    This is a simple step by step........... always follow your system manuals!!!!!!!
    Please take note that the Fabric# System application involves a 3 phase resin application........So applications for this will differ slightly............

    Ok here is a simple step by step. This is for generic Fibreglass and Silk systems
    Fabric# System application involves a 3 phase resin application........

    1. Prep nail; remove all non living tissue.............. use cuticle remover, use a curette and cuticle pushy, pay special attention to the lateral walls and the cuticle area........... Rinse of the remover, dry...........

    2. Remove shine with a 240 grit.......only in direction of nail growth.....and only go over once, twice removes keratin and can cause nail plate thinning.....

    3. Scrubfresh to remove all pathogens and leave pathogen fighting agents on the nail...

    4. One thin layer of resin.........let it air dry

    5. If you are not tipping the nail go to step 7

    6. Apply tips and blend......

    7. use a lint free plastic backed pad with a touch of scrubfresh and remove the dust particles, only on the nail and not the tip.............

    8. Apply a thin layer of resin.........let it air dry

    9. Apply fibre or silk strip and a stress strip if apply the stress strip, check location of your stress area, press down on the free edge of the nail, the white pressure area is your stress area...appply a small strip to cover this.......sticky backed material makes it easier to place on the nail............ there is no advantage using the older method it is just a lot harder to do.......

    To apply the silk or fibreglass, try not to touch the material with your fingers to often..............this causes: contamination and lack of adhesion............

    · cut a strip fitting your chosen finger,

    · cut of the corners on one end,

    · peel off and place back on the left over backing strip

    · Leaving a bit hanging over the edge so to speak...

    · Place it on the nail and press the cuticle end down........

    · now go to the free edge where your overhang is and pull just slightly downwards, this will bring in the sidewalls, smooth with the left over backing strip, gently does it....
    Now you are ready to resin

    1. Apply resin let this air dry

    2. Apply resin and activate this

    3. Tidy up sidewalls and file the free edge, lightly buff with a 240 going over the whole enhancement very lightly

    4. Resin one more time activate and buff to finish, if you have a generic builder resin you can use this as your finishing layer of resin.
    Apply and brush out over the whole enhancement with your builder resin brush on activator.

    5. Solar oil

    6. Polish

    Tip: Avoid soft tissue contact with the resin as this will lead to lifting, for weaker nails also use a stress strip at the stress area this will reinforce your apex area ............


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  2. scattyfox
    At step 4 ruth would you apply the tips in this resin or apply with adhesive after this or with more resin?

    also i find that i make it invisible when i apply the resin but when it dries the fabric ive used shows through.

    I also get problems sometimes where the fabric wont lay down and end up sticking my finger on it an contaminating it any tips to get it o stay in place.

  3. Nailsinlondon1
    Are you using the Fabric# system or a generic system............
    With the Fabric# system you can use any of the 3 different resins to adhere your tips....
    with natural tips I normaly use the build and with french tips I use the boost and use the excess resin to build my apex..I swirl it slowly with the activator to bridge the little step I may have.........
    If the mesh is still showing apply another layer of resin, to coat the weave
    I found some fibreglass is better than want a mesh, Silk or Fibreglass, that has just the right amount of self adhesion to stick to the nail....... To little and it curls and then you have to pat it back into place, to much and the resin is repelled by the adhesive and it will lnot dissapear sucessfully.............
    Keep you mesh Fibreglass or Silk in a nice dust free container, I use a little case for mine............. and the less you touch it the better it will work.......Sometimes in time, the mesh looses its self sticking power, so if this happens try the other end of the strip......if it still doesn't work use a fresh strip............
  4. Kim Lawless
    Ruth, how often are infills needed on Fabric? Do they break a lot easier that L&P? xxx
  5. Nailsinlondon1
    Hi ya babe,
    I do infills at 2-3 intervalls.............. nope my Fabric# is just as strong as L&P......building the nail with the correct structure and apex placement makes them just as tough as L&P...............HTH
  6. Kim Lawless
    Thank you. Ok, so that a sculpture and Fabric I want to do now. xxx
  7. ~Emmsybabes~
    i have done silks&resin on my sisters natural nails today as they are quite weak plus i repaired 3 of her nails while i was at it she was amazed by this as now her nails feel so strong but yet they look and feel like her own,she loves them,
    and i too was very impressed with myself for doing them as it was my first proper go of a full set ,and my first repair now i shall go into my college assesment full of confidence i too was amazed at the repair as just over half of her free edge was gone and now it looks perfect sometimes i really dont know my own capabilitys(sp? not being one of them lol!)
  8. Nafia
    nice tutorial
  9. CharliFarli
    Hello there folks

    Has anyone used the edge fibreglass system and if so, does the application differ from the tutorial discussed here?

    Thought id try it out but a little unsure.

  10. Nailsinlondon1
    The turtorial is for generic Fibreglass systems and can be used with any system, so yes it can be used with the Edge system.....
    Hope it helps xxx
  11. *Garfield*
    Very helpful, as not done any silks for ages, and couldnt rememebr the process!!:Love:
  12. CharliFarli
    ive been putting a fluoride treatment on my nails, and as im about to put fibreglass nails on, i was wondering, will the fluoride treatment be able to penetrate through the resin and fibreglass, and if not fibreglass - silk?
    Thanks for all your help by the way - thank god for this website!!
  13. poppy2

    How do you do the free edge reapir then if that much has gone? does the fibreglass/silk just lie over the missing area and then when you activate the resin it forms a solid edge? sorry can you explain as ive only ever repaired splits on free edge not missing free edge
  14. ValencianNails

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