Glitter dip dye

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Nevergivingup, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Nevergivingup
    Had my first go on my daughter this evening

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  2. ClaireJones
    How is this done? X
  3. Nevergivingup
    Hair spray and very fine glitter
  4. Tomme
    Is that with the hairspray or some kind of gel with glitter? Xoxo
  5. Nevergivingup
    Hairspray, guess gel could work too x
  6. ballyboo
    I did this for a client at Xmas, she had a very high pony tail with a big quiff, I used gents hair gel (it was an Affinage one called blue goo lol) then dabbed on the glitter, it turned out fab! I then sprayed lots on hairspray afterwards, I didn't take a pic as my iPhone battery was dead :-((
  7. Tomme
    Not hair related, but a tip I found while in retail... If you buy something glittery to wear, spray it with hairspray to keep the glitter on. And if you have Matt hot pants spray on hairspray to make them "wet look" and on your skin before putting on so they don't ride up your bum xoxo
  8. KayaPapaya
    I love the glitter dip look :)

    This is the version I saw of it, and I meant to try it out, but never did!


    Sadly this is not my picture, but it was on Capital's FB page. I might give it a go on the block this weekend.
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  9. Nevergivingup
    That was where I got the idea x
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  10. Tomme
    Do you think the glitter used to mix with acrylic for nails would be fine enough? I had some pure glass glitter once that was finer than I have ever seen since, it was like dust. Had to be careful though being glass and all. Xoxo
  11. Nevergivingup
    I used the stuff for acrylics seemed fine enough, I tried with the kids glitter to start with but it was far too thick lol
  12. bibiza
    Wow I love this. If I was to do it on my extensions would they be ok if I washed them afterwards? X
  13. Tomme
    I can't see why not. You treat extensions like normal hair so it would be the same xoxo
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  14. mrselliott
    This looks so pretty but would be my worst nightmare!!! I have BIG issues with glitter! Can't stand it!
    Wish I liked glitter lol
  15. kaye74
    hahaha this made me chuckle :)
  16. Luckyruby
    love this look. x
  17. Nevergivingup
    Got my first client for this on Saturday can't wait
  18. frizzfreehair
    Loving this pic!
  19. jeniaaa
    I Love it! I'm going to try it out!
  20. Momobile hair Unqualified
    I loveeeeeeeeee these!!

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