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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Eyecandy2go, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Eyecandy2go
    Hi can anyone tell me (1) how to do a 2 tone toe with glitter easily and (2) is nsi's rockstar fundamentally different to youngs twinkle toes??
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  2. natalie24
    1. There isnt a particular 'easy' way to do two tone, you just need a really steady hand when sprinkling the glitter or if you have a small funnel or purpette (if ive spelt that right). Start at the bottom of the nail first thats always easier. Alteratively you could mix two different colour glitter in a pot, that looks great too.

    2. Rock Star and Twinkle Toes are virtually the same thing. With Youngs Twinkle Toes i use the Mani Q Soak Off Gel which is great. Very popular at the moment and easy to remove. I always use 2 coats of glitter to make it have that extra sparkle :)
  3. katiebbaby
    With acrylic glitter powders or do you mean shellac? x
  4. C-C My Nails
    I have also found when doing a glitter fade, that if you use an old frayed round brush (I use a cheapo student watercolor brush), to pick up the glitter and "pounce" it lightly in the glitter and then the gel, you can get that really nice fade from one color to the next.
  5. Eyecandy2go
    Thanks ladies.
    No I don't want to use acrylic at all. It's just gel I'm interested in. I know nsi have a vat free event coming up so was thinking of buying rockstar gear but didn't want to buy if I couldn't use it!!!
    I'll give the fade a go. I've seen so many brilliant designs, I'm inspired :)
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  6. Lisa Dodd
    applying the free edge first is easier and follow the great advice already given. Also try mixing your glitters and creating new colours

    'Twinkle Toes' started with Young Nails UK over 4yrs ago now and just for the record Young Nails in the States called them 'Rockstar Toes' (unbeknown to us):eek:.....we (UK) needed to come up with a name for GMEX trade show - Twinkle Toes took off very quickly and the name just kind of stuck (we kind of preferred the name too, TBH.)
    At 1st we used the file off synergy gel system but later moved over to the Mani Q soak off gel (as it is a one component gel and you wont get all mixed up using base / flex etc).

    Like everything else in this industry there will always be a first on the market, followed by others..... but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not as good. If anything improvements should have been made along the way. In our case it was moving over to the Mani Q for the very best results and the FINISH for that unsurpassed sparkle.
  7. waffle4
    Hi sorry to interrupt but what exactly is "finish". I thought it was a hard gel topcoat??? that you couldn't use with the ManiQ??? Ive just been using a regular (paint on) topcoat with my ManiQ designs?............

    Thanks for your help xxx
  8. AmeliaR

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