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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Alex-Lydia, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Alex-Lydia
    So now Goldwell are now bringing out an ammonia free colour, claims to give 100% grey coverage, great for condition etc etc etc...

    So anyone used it? Or know anything about it?

    Also does anyone love any ammonia free colour from any range?

    I have had a search and cannot seem to find anyone with a positive thing to say about them - I know the public want kinder products, but are they working out for us as professionals?

    Love to hear opinions please. x
  2. LAPirate
    "ammonia free" seems to be the buzz word du jour!! All these colour houses are really doing is taking away ammonia (which smells bad, but does its job well) and replacing it with an ammonia substitute ( which doesn't smell as strongly or do the job as well!) MEA is the most commonly used substitute! The same can be said for the raft of new PPD free colours! The PPD is replaced with the substitute PTD which will likely cause a reaction in persons who react to PPD! Unfortunately permanent hair colours don't work without these ingredients or there very similar alternatives! Sorry for the rambling rant! Hope that helps! ;-)
  3. Alex-Lydia
    Thanks for reply, I agree, 'ammonia free' is the in phrase at the moment.

    However much client demand there is for ammonia free, I want a product that is both safe and does the job, not just one or the other (I am a bit greedy I guess).

    I will look into the Nectaya products (though I keep calling it Nectar as in Sainsburys points) and see what they deliver.
  4. Stylisti
    It's easy to work with - I tried it several times within a test-phase. Ammonia-Free is defently a strong trend. But however, the first products on the market didn't keep their promises...amonia substitutes are killing the hair after several coloring processes...For me, NECTAYA is still a good reason to keep those trend-products within my salon...(I can offer new services to a broader target group)

    enjoy :lick:
  5. honey-bunnie85
    I used Nectaya in the salon for the first time on Saturday and the results were pretty good. The client felt a difference in the condition of her hair and the results were lovely - 100% coverage of white hair / nice shine and tone.

    I have found that a lot of clients are wanting to switch over from Topchic (permanent) to Nectaya but since Goldwell have only released the product in so many shades it's not always possible.

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