Grey toner-Affinage gothic vs Luo po1 or any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by boobaloo, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. boobaloo
    Hi geeks,
    I have been using affinage gothic collection 9.117 on the back sections and 10.117 on the front on my clients pre lightened hair. The first time I did it I was really pleased but I'm now finding it is always uneven, regardless of the application and is sooo time consuming having to be on for 45 mins after the 50 mins bleaching the roots.

    My question is I'm sure I could get just as good a result with a ashy toner, so those of you that are platinum grey/ silver and have tried them all what would you recommend please?

    I am familiar with Luo so may go back to that but I know other geeks recommend wella?

    I currently use matrix ( which is limited and not cool enough ) but happy to use any colour house.

    Thank you :)
  2. vixxm
    Have you used Matrix Colour Sync SPA ?
  3. boobaloo
    Hi yep and the aa's in so colour as recommended but can't remember which one of the top of my head? They didn't do enough. She wants it really quite grey and the spa def isn't strong enough for that x
  4. beckstar!
    I used wella colour touch 8/81 last night! And god it was grey! But she loved it 😊 x
  5. beckstar!
    ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1371135481.883937.jpg as grey as this! Sorry didn't have a pic of my client but this is the nearest colour I could find! When I actually click on this pic the girl said she also used 8/81 ct so this is a true colour of 8/81 ct hth x
  6. boobaloo
    Ooh that's lovely :) yep as grey as poss. Is that a 20 min application? I've got some colour touch developer as the 55/65 is my fave pink on pre lightened :) lush and lasts for ages x
  7. boobaloo
    Sorry development not application! Baby brain! ;) x
  8. beckstar!
    Yes I used 8/81 colour touch with 1.9 colour touch emulsion and visual watched came out really silver fox style haha would defo recommend 😊 x
  9. boobaloo
    Brill thank you beckstar :) x
  10. dixierobot
    Hey beckstar, do you think you can help me with the process of turning the darkest black hair to this beautiful gray? Ive been having too much problem with it on a client on mines.

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  11. boobaloo
    Personally I would say black to white blonde / grey is not achievable. Bleach will give you approx 7 levels of lift so you're going to get a 9 at best, with a whole lot of warmth. Without double bleaching, taking into account condition and lots of toning and probably several apts I would say that's not going to happen. You could probably achieve a dark grey?
  12. beckstar!
    No probs boobaloo 😊 x
  13. faerififi
    You can use infiniti 6.117 on darker blonde hair, though the tone would need neutralising first. It is soooooo grey, might be better woven with a lighter colour like a 9 to break it up. I use 9.117 on one of my colour correction clients and it turns out fine even though its a bit long waiting for development. I find it comes out much more evenly than say 9.2 and also lasts the whole 6-8 weeks til the next colour. What i did was build up the tone on the ends, because they were very warm, and it covers really well after about 2 appointments.
  14. boobaloo
    Thank you for your reply. I only got in the gothic collection as I had read great reviews on it, affinage isn't that easy to get hold of for me so I was hoping to try and get away with more of a toner. Disappointingly matrix is just too main stream and even the aa's didn't do enough. I may try the wella :) x
  15. dixierobot
    Thank you, much. I figured the same thing also after his consultation

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