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Discussion in 'Business' started by la belle vie, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Jason Cameron

    If you're still looking for tips and hints...I provide a guide on my website that shows you 13 ways, step-by-step, on how to effectively use daily deal marketing on sites like groupon to attract and keep clients without upsetting your loyal ones and devaluing your business.

    You can check it out here: Groupon And Daily Deals Marketing For The Beauty Industry

    Hope that helps.

  2. HWilliams
    I have just signed up with Groupon

    My main worry was the capping of sales but they worked out my cap would be approx 200 but it would be confirmed in writing to me.

    As long as THIS part is stuck to, I believe it will be worth it for me.

    There is a loophole around creating a package and making it look like the customer is getting more for their money so in this respect, I can't lose with the offer I've put on. (PM if you wanna know)

    Now, it's down to ME not Groupon to retain the clients I get by offering the best I can and making them want to come back to me.

    I'll admit I'm a little nervous because of all the bad publicity surrounding Groupon. Yet, I look forward to my offer going live and my phone ringing with people wanting to book as that is my only chance to shine with those people.

    My treatment room is 5 weeks old today, and I need to do all I can to build up my business and be as professional, caring and helpful to my clients - if they choose NOT to come back and be discount-dollies, let them. My skin will be thicker and I will be stronger to take each day as it comes.

    H x
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  3. MrsHBeauty
    I love your attitude, I would like to run a groupon and have PM'd you.

  4. megaone
    Hi everyone just one more thing about groupon.... you know how some of the vouchers are NOT REDEEMED by clients.. like if the time runs out Groupon keep that money!!!! Yes it does not go back to the customer or you it goes in to Groupons 'POT' as they call it to pay for the ad.... But we were told that was what the 50% was going for... so think on people groupon get more much more then they say... and the clients dont know this at all:Scared:
  5. fallonst23
    Geeks do you know if you can do even if your mobile/home based??

  6. HWilliams
    Well, I guess that's a chance for them to take as stated in my contract I got yesterday, Unredeemed voucher holders would get notified of expiry and reminded to book in or lose the money.

    So it's clear what'll happen.

    I signed up for 24hr canx policy, if voucher holder cancels within 24 hours, I can still redeem the voucher and get paid.

    I go live the 11th. Will let you all know how it goes (Cap confirmed at 190)

    H x
  7. Geminikelli
    Best thing I ever did was run a groupon.

    First and foremost you will not earn money from it unless you upswell or retail!!

    Use it purely as a marketing tool.

    When taking booking make sure you get voucher coded sec code I redeem via merchant app on my iPhone 2 days before I have. 48hr cancellation period.

    Cap it first time very low just to get feel of it even if u did 20 you can run it again make changes etc.

    Be realistic to what you can do be sure to leave enough space for regulars.

    On the day it goes live put on your homepage 'groupons please feel free to contact us for more details' etc then when they call book direct offer better deal you will get all the money then and they get more I offered upgrades half price free eyebrow wax etc.

    Show them what you do!! Sell yourself!!

    Do a free stomach arm spray tan pinky of shellac gel polish etc let them go away with something they never have done and will see how good it is once home.

    Lastly forgot being a beautician put your business head on and make it work for you.
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  8. pinkknailss
    I want to do a groupon, but I would need to rent somewhere for a couple months while I do it. Or could I do it from my home address as I do mobile spray tans? But I dont have a tanning room so maybe scrap that....
  9. Nails<3
    Groupon will only let you run a deal with them if you are salon based,so no mobile or home based x
  10. megaone
    Well at least you were told about unclaimed vouchers it's not in ours. And I do feel that 50% plus vat is more then enough for them.
  11. lise
    we was on groupon last week,our package was facial,nails an massage,im booked up till june at mo and still have more calls coming in,im shattered so make sure you have mini breaks inbetween,you will need it...good luck,oh and i have got some clients returning but the majority of them have admitted there bargain hunters but hey you dont know till you try.:lol:
  12. sjmand
    Groupon has killed the trade you get very very few returning customers you even having them saying that was great thanks I will look out for your next deal. Customers have no idea you have to discount your services by at least 52% then they take 50% commission all you get it enough to cover your products. Yes it brings new people through your doors but they are not loyal they are bargain hunters very few are interested in re booking even if you offer them discounts. And I've found 95% of them don't even tip. It's a lesson learnt in my opinion
  13. Geminikelli

    Groupon has worked for me and I'd say a good 70% are returning customers and have spread the word about me yes I've had the blatant I'm a grpupon junkie yup you won't see me again but that's life it's business it's highly unlikely you will ever retain 100% normal customers clients do move around because of price treatments etc

    But it's down to you as a salon owner to make sure they live the salon the experience so they keep coming back.

    I'm an asda girl but morrisons have £5 off a shop in the papers this week and I'll be going there this week to use my voucher plus they have nappies on special.

    We all bargain hunt its only the rich and famous who don't have to count the pennies!

    It does not matter what trade your in people will follow a good deal.
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  14. Fake it...
    I'm home based, Groupon came to my home based salon to discuss my deal and ran it. I sold 300 vouchers for l&p and am now fully booked until the end of June with just the 98 of 107 people and my regulars that I have seen so far, that's without taking on any unseen Groupon appointments. The 98 that I have seen are all on 5th and 6th appointments now, have told their friends, have bought gift vouchers and booked in for other treatments that I offer... All at full price. They tip and say that they are glad to have found me as they are not only pleased with the treatment but are also happy with the person (me) that offers the treatment. Groupon, like any offer is what you make it. People return for a fab service as much as a fab skill whether it be for an offer in the local paper or a Groupon service.
    Yes there are people out there whom I lovingly refer to as "offer chasers" but that's life.
    There is also a way to "work" Groupon and the like, I allocate X amount of hours per week to Groupon to ensure that my regs all have access to appointments without them having to wait etc.
    My voicemail clearly states the times and days in which to call for bookings and enquiries and that voice messages and text messages to this number unfortunately cannot be replied to. This ensures that it doesn't cost anymore that it has to for a discounted service. My regs and anyone who rebooks with me are told that their calls and texts will always be returned.
    It's business at the end of the day and that's how I look at it.
  15. Marinatoch
    I have bought groupon vouchers in the past and have found that some services are shoddy because it's a groupon offer ! I booked a murad peel and Indian head massage, it should have lasted 90 minutes but I was out within an hour and definately won't be back. Yet, I had a course of IPL and have rebooked, also had decent facial and have rebooked there every couple of months since. If you provide an outstanding service, I think people will rebook, not all but most
  16. TheBeautyRoomClinic
    i was thinking about a groupon offer like Express Facial and Back Massage for £20 (usually £36) i just opened a salon above a hairdressers at the end of feb and while business is slow some weeks and steady other weeks it could help, but also cant help wondering is it worth it??? i dont want groupon to take 50% commission i would want to make money not loose it, i dont know if i trust them :confused:

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