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Discussion in 'Hair' started by KellySimons, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. KellySimons
    I'm looking into doing a hair extensions course and am wondering what's the best training company to go with ? I live in Wales.
    hi i just did mines with belle hair extensions they were great check their website xx
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  3. LindaHR
    Hi there. I can offer you a good training. Excellent value and great support afterwards and I can cover Wales. Take a look at my website. There are one or two special extras that come with my training. Give me a call after if you like.

  4. comptonhr
    You can visit on for any information of hair and salon.
  5. Miss Suzi
    hey kelly, it depends on what you want to do and do you have any hairdressing experiance???? HABIA approved is the best you can get but need experiance in hairdressing industry to do their courses, otherwise it can be difficult to get insurance after.

  6. LindaHR
    Not the case, actually. The One Day Intensive that I offer is Habia approved and so all legal for practising and insurance.
    I am a freelance trainer for Lush Us and it is their course I teach. Very good course and solid principles. I know that hairdressing courses cover much more but we don't all want, or have the time to go through perming, styling, coluring etc. in order to fit hair extensions.
    I make certain when trainee has finished my training that she is competent and confident. And I give unlimited aftercare mentoring so that she builds more and more skills and experience with expert support.

  7. LindaHR
    Oh..and it includes trimming and blending techniques so that the client is looking good when she leaves. Unless otherwise hairdresser trained we draw the line at re-styling and would point our clients in the direction of a good extension stylist.
    I have heard some scary girl had extensions fitted to her thick hair. Rows finished quite low, too low, so she had a thick wedge of hair on top. Extensionist said...there then I can't do any more you'll have to go to your hairdressers for that blending in!!!!!!!!!
    Of course she should have fitted the rows differently so as to finish at the optimum place for thick hair and even then she could have broken up the 'wedge' further with a scattering of extra extensions above the last row. Then she would have been able to feather or thin the client's hair to blend in.

    And of course this extensionist didn't train with me ...or with Lush Us. :)) Bless her.

  8. sazzyboo26
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  9. babyelephant29
    I also trained with belle hair extentions. As lovely as kim is Im not sure it is the best place to do your training.
    Im a trainer myself (lashes and permanent make-up) and I just felt it was a bit all over the place.
    Some companies have you working on a real model and you get to do a whole head of extentions which i think is preferable.
    You only get to work on a manequin head.
    There were no brochures or booklets to take away to remind you what to do ( we were expected to write it all down off the powerpoint)
    I feel that for the price of the course, this is the least they could have provided.
    Fortunately the two methods I found easy to pick up but that may not be true of others.
    But this is just my opinion.
  10. princesspaula
    Hi babyelephant,i trained with belle hair extensions and found the course amazing,i trained on a live model and did a full head and got given a manual aswell,perhas you did a diff course.x
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  11. babyelephant29
    Maybe I did do a different course to you. Like I said, Kim is lovely and she knows what she is talking about, however, even if it was a different course, at the very least we should have been given a manual!!..... not given an A4 pad to take notes on.
    Dont get me wrong, Its not that difficult to put extentions in and Im fully confident doing them since doing the training, but as a trainer myself and training for a company that is spot on with the finer details, I just did not feel it was value for money.
    My friend did a hair extention course with a different well known company and also felt it did not meet her expectations.
    Maybe Im just fussy!! :green:
    Claire x
  12. kimbelle
    Hi Kelly, please visit our website Belle Hair Extensions | Hair Extension Salon | London | 020 8432 6302 or SMS 07939 211 796 we offer hair extension training courses in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland, Leeds, we aren't holding a course in Wales in the near future but our Birmingham courses are popular with those from Wales. Our courses are either 1 day intensive (with training head) or 2 day intensive (on live model) or in salon deluxe courses. You may chose from several methods (fusion bonded/micro rings/pro-tape/wefted/weave method/cold fusion/micro ring weft/shrink tubes-all courses come with kits) our two most popular being the fusion bonded and micro ring methods. Kim x :biggrin:
  13. sarah1710
    Hey i live in south wales cardiff area and was wondering what is the best 1 day intense hair extension course. Many thanks, Sarah x
  14. snazzyz
    I trained with Lush Us Uk and their course was great. Trained on live model, received very in depth manual, great support after, they really couldn't do mor. I believe they train nationwide so it would be worth giving them a call. The course is Habia approved so that you can obtain relevant insurances to work. Very professional and have helped me build a thriving business. Good Luck
  15. lancashirelass
    Find a training company that has a good reputation.

    Learn one method at a time don't go on a training course that offers three or five courses in one day because you won't be able to remember it all later.

    Ensure that you complete a full head application which also includes cutting and blending. This is really important as the end result should include this service.

    If your a non hairdresser you wiill find it difficult
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  16. foxyemm
    Bella are not Habia approved, as i found put today when calling for a Habia course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are telling people on there adverts they are but they are not on Habias website or known to Habia for CPD approval!
  17. stacylouise
    i just called them up because im due to do my course on the 22nd of august and was panicking, apparently they do a habia course but only level 2 hairdressers can do that one and they will get a habia certificate, but i asked if you could get insurance with the normal course they said yeah its all fine! i asked him like 3 times to make sure lol
  18. kimbelle
    false posting-reported
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