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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Rachael_x, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Rachael_x

    I currently have half a head of pre bonded foxy hair extensions which I am looking to remove. Money is tight at the moment so if possible I would like to remove them myself.
    I see foxy sell the removal solution on their site for only £5 and I am hoping I can take my extensions out using this.
    My question is how do I do it? I've had my extensions removed a few times in the past but didn't really pay much attention to what the stylist was doing. :rolleyes::green:
    I've had the extensions in for around 5 months now (naughty I know) so they are pretty loose. Do I just rub the solution into the bond then comb the bond out?
    Any tips would be great!

    Thanks in advance. :hug:
  2. DebCam
    Hi rachael, im a hair extensionist and by far the easiest way t do it is using extension removing plyers..u can get them off hair extension sites,mine were off think cost around £8. Dab the removal fluid on the bond then crunch it with the plyers(they have spikes on that penetrate the bond) then dab a bit more fluid on and move to the next bond...when uve done them all go back to the 1st one and they will literally slide out of ur hair. Doing it without the removal tool means the fluid struggles to get into the bond and break it down,meaning lots of picking and tugging at ur hair(not good) and very time consuming too. Hope this helps..

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  3. Fuzion

    If you swamp your roots with conditioner you'll find loads will naturally slide out.

    I showed my hubby how to remove mine and he did a top job.

    Be very very careful though, can you really not afford to pay someone? I only charge £40, by the time you bought solution, pliers and postage you'll be halfway there.

  4. Rachael_x
    I think the girl who usually does my extensions charges £50 an hour for removal but it usually only takes the hour to take them out.
    I need to save as much money as I can to pay off my holiday next month which is why I would like to try and remove them myself. :)
    I will try the conditioner and if that dosn't work then I will buy the solution. The removal is well over due and some are really loose, I have lost a couple just by brushing my hair this week! so hopefully they wont be too hard to remove, if I find it hard to remove them I will just have to wait until after I have paid my holiday and get the stylist to remove them.
    How does the conditioner thing work? do I just cover my scalp/hair in conditioner and leave it for a while, then once washed out try and remove or do I remove while they are still under the conditioner? confused. :)
  5. Fuzion
    In your consultation and your dos and donts you should have been told to not get conditioner on the bonds, the reason being they will slide.

    All I'm saying is DO put conditioner on your bonds and you'll find out why
    you are told not to. Don't try to pull them out you'll wreck your hair, just let them slide out naturally.
  6. Simba44
    Baby oil
  7. Rachael_x
    Okay thanks! I'll give it a go. :)
  8. LindaHR
    What you need to know and no-one has mentioned yet is you MUST NOT pick any of the glue away from the hair. Even when loosened by baby oil, conditioner or remover you will find some still clings on. You must continue with remover...the others won't remove all of it....until all the glue has willingly parted company with your hair.
    The reason for this is ...glue sticks because of a chemical bond between the glue and the hair cells. In other words the molecules of the hair and the molecules of the glue lock together like the fingers of two hands linking together. The only way to unlock is by a chemical unlocker. Oil acts in this way to a certain extent and of course the remover does. But if you haven't used enough then when you pick off the glue you are not unlocking at all are pulling the glue off still stuck to your hair cells. You are therefore damaging your hair without any option of recovery, at that part of your hair.
    This means your hair will snag and tangle at the level where you had your extensions.....and it will do it forever.
    So just remember to keep on using whatever solution you are using ...and I do recommend proper remover...until the glue has completely parted company.
    Good luck

    I use orange oil to remove and use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to remove the glue remnants from the hair. Both are available at Sallys x
  10. lil_frankie007
    Use accetone!! and then break down the bonds with plyers! sounds strange but i did a hair extension course yesterday on pre boned and its works brill! x
  11. Rachael_x
    Thanks everyone. I am going to try the conditioner method tonight.
    I forgot to mention the bonds are made from keratin, will the conditioner method still work? If not I will buy the removal lotion/solution stuff. :)
  12. Rachael_x
    Tried the conditioner last night and it didnt work as well as I would have hoped :(
    I covered my head and hair in conditioner and left it for around 40min to an hour. The bonds were softer but the extensions didn't slide out :(
    I crushed the bonds with the plyers and they were easier to comb out but still difficult. I have bought the bond removal solution so hopefully this will work better and should be here by tomorrow. if not I will call the stylist :) thanks for everyones help!
  13. xxxkellyxxx

    Hi Im a hair extensionist and the best thing to do is a bottle of acetone and cotton wool, soak the cotton wool with acetone and rub it on the bond, the acetone will just melt it. I definatly wouldnt reccomend using plyers on it not a safe method at all x
  14. lancashirelass
    Seek the advice of a professional to remove them, for £50 to £60 it's not worth damaging your own hair removing them yourself.
  15. longlengths
    Have them removed by a properly, its not worth damaging your hair for £50 xx

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