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  1. julie.

    I own a salon and have just taken on a new hair stylist who is qualified in hair extensions. She put in 80 strands of 0.6 gram of hair from glamorous lengths in my hair. This was 4 rows and I had no more head space left for more. The result was shocking as the hair was so fine. Will 1 gram make a difference and will it pull on my hair as it's fine. I have attached pictures to show. Also what's your thoughts on glamorous lengths.

    Thanks guys for reading this xx

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  2. courtjb91
    I'm not surprised it looks shocking as you've got 48grams in your head.... on average a half head is 75-100grams

    The fitting also doesn't look great, looks to me as if they're too close to your scalp as your hair is being lifted up at the root, should be lying flat. Over time this is cause tensions so I'd get it sorted asap.

    Small keratin bonds or tape extensions would be better in your hair in my opinion x
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  3. julie.

    Thanks for getting back to me. There just seemed like there was no more room left on my head for any more. I didn't have the sides done as I knew they would be the same so I got them taken out. So in your opinion 0.6 would have been ok? I just don't know where when they would have been fitted as I had 4 rows in. I agree with them being to close to root as they stood up from scalp.

    Julie x
  4. sassystylist25
    May I ask where she did her extensions training?
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  5. Rightsaidfred Unqualified
    For starters, i'd question the credentials of your new qualified employee as her work is terrible. It doesn't matter whether you have 0.6g, 0.8g or 1g strands. I tend to go by total weight. So if i am to use 100g of hair, then this can be made up of x amount of bonds each weighing 0.6, 0.8 or 1g. Also, it helps if the hair is double drawn as you will find the ends are thick like the top.
  6. julie.
    This is good to know thanks. She did her training at Belle. I wanted her to try them on me first before a client as I'm not trained and know nothing about them. Really appreciate the comments. Think I need to train myself before I offer these so I know more about them. I bought 100 strands and she could only get about 45 in the back so I take it this is a fitting error then?? I'm totally confused as I had no room left on head at back .I thought it was due to the hair being to thin xx
  7. HairbyTor

    I trained with Belle hair academy too and I can't fault there training but the girl you have hired needs to go back to another training session (it was free to retrain again with Belle when I did it) I'd really question why the stylist thought this was an acceptable outcome?

    This is a full Head I did using 1g strands from glamorous lengths and there is around 175g ( bonds) in the head. Your hair should not look like that. 100g is a half head.

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  8. julie.
    That's interesting. I will contact Belle and see if she can do another training session. Thankyou for your comment x
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  9. Sploo
    I agree and I'm struggling to understand how they come so far up your head for only 4 rows? Also a couple of other points, use a darker ring, it needs to match root colour not the extensions and also do they train to leave a bit of the stick tip poking out of the top of the ring? As I understand it needs to sit flush with the end? Maybe that's just the training I had so not sure on that as I do tend to see it a lot with the micro ring.
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  10. Jake nattrass hair
    Not to be over critical but she definitely needs re training on her application work.
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  11. Jake nattrass hair
    150g hair fitting by myself.

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  12. Lianne86
    What hair do you use Jake ? This looks lovely :)
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  13. Jake nattrass hair
    Sjk hair I always upgrade to the superior hair which is Russian it's 1gram per strand.
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  14. Lianne86
    Thanks :) I hadn't looked at SJK as they seem to get a bit of stick on here but think I will get some samples :)
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    The heavy demarcation line of clients own hair must be razored to make it invisible before extensions can be fitted, also not enough extensions in for this length of hair installed. Extensions should not be visible to the naked eye once installed. Own clients hair should not be visible with the naked eye. Hope this helps.
    Absolutely beautiful install Jake.
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  17. Jake nattrass hair
    I think a lot of it depends on how clients look after the hair extensions I always recommend using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for extensions and to use leave in conditioner and Moroccan oil on the extensions to keep the hair in the best condition. X
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  18. Hugheshair
    I'm so sorry but that is shocking :( she's not installed them correctly if she did she would have gotten way more than 4 rows. Also have her retrained and explain you want her using 0.8 or 1g Out of 6 suppliers I havnt came across 0.6g I wouldn't offer that either. Was she happy with the work? The hair doesn't even look 48g either in total x
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  19. hair extensions by kim
    i have trained with belle recently and this is my first ever client i used 0.5g nano due to thin hair and did half head i used about 60-70 strands and i couldnt put any more in head due to the thin hair i hope i have done them correctly please advise 20170521_133728.jpg 20170521_133728.jpg
  20. Debs2017
    I agree with the others I would definitely question her qualifications! I use no less than 150g or 100g for half a head, her sections are not clean at all and just looking at the photo it looks like she's fitted them over the crown? This is to high up...on a normal head fitting she should be able to get in 8/9 rows at the back and 2/3 at the sides, even on a small head there's room for at least 60/80g at the back x

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