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    I love a smoothie. Fact. There's something about a load of whizzed up fruit that makes you feel good from the inside out, not to mention full and satisfied. So, when I heard about smoothies for your hair, my initial scepticism gave way to a gradual understanding of how this may work. Maybe, just maybe, Hari's are onto something with the hair smoothie.

    Launching later this month in Hari's salons on Brompton Road and King's Road, the new Hair Smoothie Treatments have been inspired by the salon's juice bar. There are three treatments available and all of them use selected natural ingredients to produce conditioning treatments that are 100% organic.

    Fruit, live enzymes and raw active natural ingredients are all chucked in to improve the tone and texture of hair, to smooth frizz, tame flyaways, boost bounce and shine while addressing other common hair concerns.

    With ingredients like avocado, cocunut milk, lime juice, almond oil, egg, peanut butter extract, banana and wheat germ oil, it sounds more like a picnic spread than a hair treatment but I'm down with giving it a try. Worst case scenario, if I get hungry at least there enough food around to fill a sarnie.

    Until then...geek on!

    The Ed.

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