Hair Question - how to get curls in long hair ?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Marlise, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Marlise

    I know this is probably going to sound like a really pathetic question, but I'm willing to risk it :lol:

    I've got really long (fine-ish) hair. My hair is about 10cm below my shoulders.

    I want some loose curls in my hair for an evening do that I'm going to, but my hairdresser is closed on that day !

    If I get some biggish velcro rollers, what do I need to do ? Wash hair, put some mouse in, put rollers in with very long arms and wait to dry ?

    Is there something else I need to do ?

  2. Dessi
    You can put rollers and at dry fresh washed hair, just put mousse before you dry it, the result will come more soon:hug:
  3. bobbie
    Hi - the best thing for curls in fine hair is to buy some setting lotion fromthe chemist eg wella do one. Its mainly used by elderly people with 'a set' but its brillant. I have long fine hair and I wash my hair, apply the setting lotion, put inthe curlers and when the hair is dry take them out and i have nice curls then that last the night - hope this helps.
  4. Marlise

    Setting lotion !! :eek: I know I've got a couple of gray hairs, but I honestly didn't think I was quite at that stage yet :lol:

    On a serious note, would setting lotion be better than the mousse ?

    Can you buy setting lotion from Boots etc ?

  5. bobbie
    I know but I'm at the bus pass stage myself, but I'll use anything if it works! The pensioners know what they are doing, prob years or experience.
    Setting lotion is definitely better than mouse I think. Its the same as when you go to the hairdresser and they spray each strand with hairspray before they use the tongs, its for hold. You can buy it in boots for about a pound.
  6. Marlise

    LOL !

    Having never used setting lotion before, how much do I need to use and are there different types ?

    Thanks for your help with this :hug:

  7. bobbie
    There is loads of types - I just used wella in a purple bottle, I think it said strong hold. I just used about the same amount as you would with mouse a handful or two and comb it through. Let me know how you get on with it....
  8. Marlise

    Will do !

    Thanks :hug:

  9. Bev Rose
    Just a quickie Marlise....

    When putting the rollers in, please make sure that you get the ends of your hair in neatly & straight, use a 'tail' comb and roll it round the roller once you have your first twist to ensure the ends are straight otherwise when you remove your rollers when your hair is dry, the ends that were not in properly will stick out like sore thumbs and not look to brill after all your hard work and aching arms!
    It sounds more complicated than it is to do.
    I'm not a hairdresser but my Mum was for 25yrs, which is where I learn't from.
  10. Prionace
    Let me tell you, putting curlers on is a pain to do on yourself, maybe you should try it before depending on them for a good result on a special night. You know what they say, what can go wrong will go wrong. Hope you don't mind me asking but why don't you go to another haidresser?
  11. gillian w
    My daughter uses her hair straighteners it comes out really well. lots of her friends do to and its really quick she find of turns the straighteners in her hair and pulls them out in sections..bit difficult to explain.
  12. Hope
    I agree with this technique, it looks fab and is so easy to do xx
  13. Rosey
    I've tried curling with GHD straighteners and it is really easy. Just rake your hands through your hair after to loosen the curls. I sprayed a redken product on first which held the curl - ii was called something like heat memory styler
  14. Marlise

    I've heard about using hair straighteners to curl your hair but I just cannot visualise how to do it.

    Do you wrap the hair around the straightener like you would with a curling tong ?

    If so, it won't curl will it ? I am hopeless with all these girlie things !!

  15. ~Emmsybabes~
    my mate uses GHD'S to curl her hair , she has poker straight, fine hair ,
    and this is the only method that works for her ,
    normally curls drop out within an hour or two , but with the ghd's it stayed in all night and was still a little curly the next morning ,
    she just does it as you would with curling tongs ,
    i know the local teenagers at the mo round here , are winding their hair around pencils , and gripping it with straighteners , for very tight curls ..
    it does actually look really nice !
    not something i can imagine you could do yourself though?
  16. Marlise
    My arms are going to be aching like mad !

    Had a bit of a trial run over the weekend and I really struggle to get the hair onto the curlers because it's so long and my arms can only reach that high up !

    I really trust my hairdresser and they charge very reasonable prices.

    If all else fails, I'll just straighten my hair ....

  17. Hope
    You know when you curl ribbon with a pair of scissors, you start at the root (so to say) twist the scissors and then pull all the way to the end. That is how I curl my hair with straighteners
  18. bobbie
    well did you manage the curls after?
  19. Marlise
    Only just !

    The velcro curlers kept snagging because of the angle I had to put them in.

    Because of this, when I took the rollers out, I had to really yank them out, with the consequence being that most of the curl was yanked out as well !

    Had a very subtle effect, but think in future I will need help or a different type of roller.

    Thanks for all the advice !!

  20. Rosa Xanthina
    I just googled in "setting lotion" because I too have longish fine hair and curls just drop out, particularly if there's any wind or it's damp or raining and was wondering if setting lotion products were still available. Years ago I used to use Armarmi and another one - something like Loretta ?? I asked my sister-in-law who is a hairdresser but she couldn't remember it. I think the name started with LOR so it was possibly a L'Oreal product. I see Armarmi is still available but I haven't seen it on display anywhere. Do anyone know if Boots or the supermarkets sell it? There are lots of mousse products but it just makes my hair tacky. Thank you all for the brilliant advice - it's been really useful.
    PS I too have a bus pass but I'm not ready to give in to a blue rinse yet!

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