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  1. jrobinson
    What does everyone earn as a hairdresser? i have moved salons and taken a slight pay cut, i am on £205 a wek now, before tax, so say it turns out at £50 tax and insurance taken off that. then i can get comission at a certaikn rate but i am not hitting that yet as i have not built up my client base yet.
    y r hairdressers and beauticians/nail techs paid so little compared to people on £30000 a year?! its not fair, :mad:
  2. angel fingers
    i totally agree, i am just as talented at my job as my husband is at his, but the difference in our incomes is huge.

    you need talent in this industry , why its not rewarded financially makes no sense. at least we get job satisfaction though.
  3. helchelle
    It's not that huge a difference! I work in marketing and advertising and I get about the same before tax xx
  4. beautilou
    I will RANT on about the pay untill the day i die the amount of trainning beauty therapists and hairdressers have to do and the amount of work we have to put in to build our client bases in relation to the pay is terrible!:mad:

    We really are paid a pitance ive changed job do less hours i dont have a bad back hand ect all the time and get paid a hell of alot more
  5. jrobinson
    what have you changed to? x
  6. Little Angel

    Basically it comes down to what clients are willing to pay for your services!!

    Salon owners usually work out wages on a 60 / 40 rate.

    What is your hourly rate?
    What is your target and commision rate?
    Plus were in the country are you?
    How much experience do you have??
  7. jrobinson
    it does come down to what clients will pay for ur service, but as an employee a salon they make the service price not me, im not on hourly rate at the new salon just £240 a week before tax, not sure on commision rate exactly but i wont hit it just yet as i am a new stylist there so still building up, although i hit it at christmas. in cheshire, years exp. xx
  8. Little Angel


    So you have been hairdressing for 4 years so i gather thats 2 years training and 2 years on the salon floor??

    At 240 a week and 40 hours roughly it works out at £6 per hour.

    You really need to know what your commision target is, its usually 2x or 2.5x your gross pay, then 10% ?? Ask your manager then you know what your aiming for.

    Do you get retail commision too??

    For a new salon starter i dont think £6 is a bad rate as you say you dont have many clients yet.

    Give out your card with your name on to every client, speak to your manager and ask her if you can do a discount for returning clients and if they reccomend a friend to you. Or ask her if you can do a welcome pack (a small bag with a salon price list, a card with your name on, a discount voucher and some retail samples that you have reccomended) we call ours new client packs.

    You will soon be that busy you wont have time for a break! :lol:

    Take care hope it all goes well.
  9. bexi
    In all fairness I knew my pay would be pants when I joined the industry, but I do this job because I love it! I wouldnt want to be paid 30,000 for sitting at a desk all day I'd be BORED!

    I dont like the fact we get paid so little but that unfortuatly is the way it goes - can you imagine how many more people would join the industry if we got paid well too?

    I have job satisfaction that to me outweighs my income.

    becki xxx

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