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Discussion in 'Nail' started by exceptionail, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. exceptionail
    can someone please explain to me the difference between a soft gel and a hard gel???

    i was under the understanding that a soft gel was a soak off gel and a hard gel had to be buffed off - is this correct?
    what is the better gel?
    also, can l&p be soaked off?

    i use fibreglass at the mo and would like to add on l&p and gel but i'm a bit worried about this.

  2. Envy
    The difference in Gels is to do with their porosity. Ie how much they can absorb. Soft gels are easier to soak off.. But are also more prone to other issues, such as absorbing dyes and staining, absorbing water and having breakdown..

    High quality gels need to be buffed down and then soak off the final thin layer. so as not to damage natural nail.. Everyone has their opinion on the better one, but I prefer a strong gel (I use Creative Brisa)

    Liquid and Powder can also be soaked off when the correct product remover is used.
    This is still my most popular choice for clients.
  3. Sassy Hassy
    All gels (i think) are soft in that they are much easier to file than l&p. However like Envy says it comes down to the porosity of the gel and I think this is what you mean.

    What you refer to as a hard gel is the non-porous variety which are great for peeps who have their hands in water a lot (ie mums with young children, hairdressers, serious swimmers etc) as it redcues the risk of bacterial infections, but they have to be filed and buffed off.

    Gels like Biosculpture and Calgel are soak off gels, which is what are sometimes called soft gels. A lot of people prefer this as they worry about the risk of over filing when they have to remove them. However I always leave a thin layer of gel on when removing as this continues to protect the natural nail as it grows out, and so no damage can occur.

    Personally I prefer gel and only use that. But, if I was to use l&p then I can't see what benefit a porous gel would give me, in my opinion you may just as well use l&p all the time. The benefit that a non porous gel offers, gives you something different for the right type of client over and above l&p.

  4. Little Angel

    i have to disagree with Sarah, in my salon we offer L+P, a hard gel (brisa) and a soak off gel Biosculpture.

    Biosculpture offers fantastic benefits over L+P as its unbeatable for natural overlays it flex's and bends with the natural nails. Thats my opinion, that doesn't mean it is without its flaws but then neither is L+P or hard gel.

    Just thought i would give an objective view as i use all 3 products, and i have tried many more.

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