Hard thick dry skin around finger nails

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Deb379, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Deb379
    Hi all

    What's the best product to retail to a customer who has patches of hard dry skin around finger nails, the sort you need to nip off or bite off! lol

  2. HappyHands
    keeping an eye on this thread as i suffer with this and you try doing people nails knowing that yours are not the best...
  3. Urban Geek
    If you nip or bite the hard skin around your fingers, it will just grow back thicker. I would suggest SolarOil as well as SolarButter daily.
  4. ZOE!
    I had this problem today with a client, she bites her nails and all around her nails and cuticles are bits of hard skin, skin hanging off, it just looked a mess. When i was removing the non living tissue from her nails there were overhanging bits and alsorts. Whats the best way to get rid of that and freshen it up? It looked terrible after her nails were applied.
  5. Kim Lawless
    How about Flexitol? It's brilliant for dry and cracked skin on feet. You can buy it in most chemists.
  6. Urban Geek
    C:u3 Renue (available from Creative) help repair, dry, peeling or ripped skin around the cuticle area, in particular torn hangnails.
  7. scattyfox
    I use the aha and the solar oil together every day then then C:U3 once a week and i know have lovely nails and soft skin.
  8. ZOE!
    C:U3 Renu, is it really good, and do you retail it to to your clients? I was just wondering what you do at the time when someone is getting enhancements and there skin is a mess and they have all this bits hanging around, is there nothing you can do to tidy it up? I havent got any tools yet and was wondering what they were all for? Htms
  9. scattyfox
    The trouble is if you cut it , it grows back and is even thicker so the aim is to shrink it as much as possible. i tend to manicure and retail AHA cuticle remover and solar oil, it softens the skin and shrinks back the cuticle and as you use your cutcile remover in your prep a lot of it goes . Over a period of time it will go but you need to keep at it there is no magic remedy that works immediately.
  10. ZOE!
    thanks, it just looked a mess today when the nails were finished all this ugly bits hanger over and stuff. But thanks for the advice anyway.
  11. Nailsinlondon1
    I would suggest CND Cuticle eraser and CND Solar Oil as a treatment pack ....
    Apply this every night....apply a dot of Cuticle eraser and a drop of solar oil to the nail and surrounding skin....wear cotton gloves, then in the morning wash hand and use a soft nail brush to remove any loose debris.... it will soften the skin over a period of time........In nibblers, the skin hardens due to the saliva and skin contact during nibbling.....in non nibblers,during the use of detergents and no rubber gloves....
    The body is only doing what it knows to do best and that is to protect and heal itself, this it does by hardening the skin, this pack is a mega conditioning treatment....
    If there are sore areas on the surrounding skin, then use the CU3:renew, apply this daily, the copper in this cream will speed up the skins healing process...............
  12. scattyfox
    I ddint know you should use the soft nail brush i will try that thanks Ruth
  13. Nailsinlondon1
    LOL nor did I until I used it on Fayes hardend nibbled skin and it worked a treat..........
    No need to go brushing mad , just gentle exfoliation............
  14. scattyfox
    I will give it a go with my niece tomorrow she has awful nails and skin.

    thanks babe and tell Faye cheers for being the Guinea pig lol

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