Has anyone trained with Gateway workshops?

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    Hi All,

    I have been looking into doing a hotstone massage course and came across Gateway workshops, has anyone trainned with this company?

    Would you recommend them?

    Is there any other courses in hot stone you would recommend?

    Many thanks
    Emma x:hug:x

  2. Joanna W
    I'm doing this course next month and I can't wait :) not used them before, but their customer service is excellent.

    Ooh you doing the hot stone course with them too!
    Have you got your kit or are you waiting til you have completed the course?

    Are you doing it at Billericay, as I saw you are from Essex too? xx
  4. Joanna W
    The Hot Stone Massage course and yes in Billericay :) x Will have to wait til I get my kit I'm afraid
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  5. janejane1234
    Great thread, i was also wondering if any1 has trained with them as looking at a few courses they offer?
    hope some1 has!?:hug:
  6. jcpark
    I haven't done a hot stones course, but I did do an Indian Head Massage course with them and quite honestly I was appalled. The trainer was fine and the material was fine, but what I found extremely disturbing is that someone could walk away from a one day course with a qualification to practice on members of the general public. I I'm also a sports therapist, an aromatherapist and shiatsu practitioner of 15 years. I qualified in IHM years ago but haven't used it much and so for me it was a refresher and as an experienced therapist already have knowledge and experience beyond what would probably be required to do IHM however, that was not the case with others on the course. There were a couple of people who had just qualified (and therefore had A&P) but most had never done any sort of massage before and had no A&P. I find it both horrifying that one day qualifies them to go and give a professional treatment and charging for it. I know of no other industry where it is acceptable to learn to do something in one day and then go and charge members of the public around £40 per hour. Now this may not be Gateway's problem - after all they are complying with what is required by the various organisations that give accreditation to their courses, however, as therapists I feel quite strongly that we are doing ourselves no favours by thinking these standards are acceptable - sorry rant over.
  7. gillian w
    I recently did the hot stone massage course in herts with Gateway and found it to be very good there were only 3 of us there so you get a lot of individual attention.I thinkwith most of their courses you have to have the initial a and p and a recognised massage qualification you certainly did for our one and we had to send copies of our qualifications before we were approved for the course.
    With the more involved courses they do ITEC and other more recognised qualifications and having spoken to them i do honestly feel that their standards are high and they are very reputable.
  8. Helen v
    Hi, with this company it can be a little bit of an area lottery. I did training with them in the midlands about 5 years ago which was ok. My hubby did some training last year (seated acupressure massage) at Welland gardens. He found the tutor to be very patient and accommodating. His gripe was having to print off a large anatomy & physiology manual before going. In his opinion all his course materials should be provided in the cost of the course. Then to top it off they didnt even touch on it. Also TBH the a & p didn't even make sense. HTH
  9. BABSann
    This is exactly what happened to a client of mine who did a one day course.She told me that the company had emailed her all the notes and expected her to print the material off herself.Everytime she tried to download the files her pc froze.Anyway I suggested she tell them she couldn't download the files and could they print them off for her, which they did.There were sheets after sheets of paper.:irked:

    What an absolute cheek to expect you to do this yourself.This SHOULD be included in any course.You pay your money and the course material should be included.If they dont agree to give you the material I would seriously ask for a rebate to cover the expense of printing..

    When I did any of my courses all the course material was provided by the college.I also have done a couple of non college courses and never been asked to provide my own notes.Not everyone has the means to a pc or a printer.
  10. swilks12

    I have done a couple of course with them at there Manchester training centre. The lady that tought me was lovely and the manuals that we got with the training was really good with lots of info and techniques.

    Would go on their courses again for definate.
  11. weezie
    I did a pregnancy massage course with them in Clapham and although they are a friendly bunch I felt I knew more than I learnt already from reading about it. Most of the info was given to be read at home and the routine was very basic. I just found it a means to an end to get the qualification as I have been qualified in massage for nearly 4 yrs.
  12. jcpark
    This was the main problem I had. Nice people, and nice trainer, but quite honestly the course content and standard was at a level I would expect on a course on massage for using with friends and family, not a professional qualification level. And the fact that people could walk away with a professional qualification having done the routine ONCE while reading the manual is shocking.
  13. rouge
    I did an Indian head massage course with them at Portsmouth. I also found the trainer to be really lovely and very good, but we didn't touch on the a&p very much at all. If I had been doing it with little or no training I would have struggled with it, I think. The course notes were very good and comprehensive, but a&p does need some explanation.
    Having said that, the trainer was discussing with us the possibility of changing the course, so that everyone who does the one-day course gets an in-house certificate (just for treating family & friends, but not a formal qualification) and then those who want to use it professionally would go away, do case studies, come back with a folder and sit a final exam. They would then get an accredited qualification which would be covered by insurance. I don't know if it's changed though - worth checking.
  14. Joanna W
    Thanks for this Gillian, I can't speak for Emma but I am glad you wrote this, after all the post was about the hot stone course. Is there anything you can tell us about it ? How much A & P did you do ? How much of the day was spent using the stones etc. Obviously I know that each tutor works differently, but anything would be most helpful.

    As you can see I am doing the course in Essex, and from what I gather there are only 2 of us attending so far (a friend and I) but would be nice to meet other therapists too :)
  15. gillian w
    As others have said they email you a very detailed a and p manual for you to download and save or you can print off.This is given to you and in the email sent when booking the course it says it is a free gift and there is no requirement for you to have it with you or print it off if you don't want to.
    There are lots of a and p books you can buy and if you have done a and p and massage which are both required to do this course chances are most people have books or notes already.

    The manuals we were given on the day go through health and safety,law marketing and a routine with illustrations.

    The course was from 10am until about 4.30 with about half hour for lunch
    about 2 hours was spent going through the theory side health saftey the stones and heater etc and the rest was hands on practical.

    We were taught how to incorporate the stones into the massage routines we do already,stone placement,stone wrapping of the feet,ways to use the stones for spot tension release also all the care of the stones heater etc.

    The course is perfectly adequate for anyone with a and p and massage knowledge already and the price is very good.
    The other way for me to do stone massage would have been to do a vtct at my local college it was 18 weeks andi know that most of it would have been spent on health and safety and anatomy that i have done already i also know how to massage it also would have been triple the price.I only really needed to know how to use the stones and also get an accredited qualification for my insurance.

    I do know that now with the Indian head massage you do not get the certificate staright away you are now required to do 3 case studies and then return for an assessment.
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  16. Joanna W

    Thank you so much Gillian, very informative, I have downloaded the A&P they send in the email. I too only need to know how to use the stones, and yes it really is a good price, thank you again x

    Thanks for all your replies, I have just read all the last ones since my last reply and to be honest was not at all impressed with what I was reding about gateway workshops, until I read Gillians replies which put my mind at rest (a little) now I dont know if I should train with them or not!!!!!

    Can anyone else recommend a FANTASTIC college that teaches hot stone massage? Essex area preferably!

    Emma xx
  18. Joanna W
    Well I am still going to do the one in Billericay in Feb (it's all paid for anyway), if you haven't done HS course by then Emma, I will let you know how I got on. Am not going to let a few bad reports about other courses put me off :)
  19. sweet cheeks
    I was looking at gateway because they do lash courses something i really want to do this year and they use noveau which is the brand i wanted to train with, but how can they do it so much cheaper than noveau i know it sounds silly but this is almost what puts me off. I think im just nervous as i have been conned by courses in the past when i was a little less weary, Has anyone trained with gateway to do lashes?

    sorry to jump on your post emma, hope you dont mind :)
  20. gillian w
    That is just the brand they will train you with.They are not brand specific the certificate you get after will be a gateway one not noveau. The tutor will be noveau trained otherwise they will not be able to purchase the supplies to teach you with.
    I doubt that after you will be able to purchase directly from noveau with their certificate ,you would have to ask them.

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