Have you ever put clear gel over normal polish?? Please advise :-)

Discussion in 'Nail' started by LindseyFerrand, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. LindseyFerrand
    Hi everyone,

    Ive only been in a salon since january, a customer said where she goes, she put normal polish on, then gel over the top. It's not shellac she says.

    Does anyone do this ??

    Also i made a boo boo, i put a uv top coat in rather than gel and the polish bled.... thing is she was going away that day so wasnt please. Of cause i will give her free treatment but wasnt too sure what she meant....

    Please advise !!!

    Thanks all,

    Linz xxx
  2. Beautyw
    Yes I tried this before I was trained in nails and it doesn't last. Polish is too smooth for the gel to stick and I found the gel just peeled off taking the polish with it
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  3. enomis
    Try chroma gel!
    Works with any polish...
  4. lozenja
    I think rather than trying to do what she asked for that you would have maybe been better off offering something you are happy with the end result. By doing what the client asked and risking it not working, basically wasted your time and hers. It is unfair that you should have to do a service for free when you were not confident in the end result. As it is not fair on the client if they think they will get a result that will last. You are the professional so the customer expects that you are confident in your choices.

    Maybe if she had tried shellac she would have converted to your recommendation? Just a thought :wink2:

    If she told you the name of the salon you might have been able to look at their website to ascertain what products they may have used?
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  5. KSRR
    I was speaking with the Young Nails girls at the Scottish Beauty Show last year, and they advised that Young Nails ManiQ Top Coat can be used over normal nail polishes. I have be doing this since over OPI polishes and it works a treat. You have to make sure the polish is completely dry before adding the ManiQ top coat. I normally put two coats of the top coat on. Clients get upto 14 days, just like the gel polishes. Xx
  6. blossom
    In my experience it cracks.
  7. geeg

    How have you been able to wait until the polish is completely dry in a salon situation?

    It is simply not practical to have a client return the next day to have gel applied to a completely dry polish, and that is how long it would take to become completely dry, otherwise the gel would crack. It takes hours for a normal polish to dry completely.

    There are much better and more practical solutions that are also long lasting.

    I'm afraid that I do not believe that you can say that using your method 'clients' polish lasts up to 14 days just like gel polishes ... For a start, many clients dont last for 14 days even with gel polishes!

    I honestly think that if we are going to give tips to posters who ask questions, then those tips should be practical, honest and accurate and I do not think the above advice is any of those things.
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  8. nicole333
    I bought some ManiQ at Excel to trial this after reading about others successes with it. How long have you found your treatment times to be, with the waiting on the polish to dry?
    Also, are you going straight onto the colour, or sealing the colour with an OPI topcoat first?

    I was actually going to get around to trying this on myself this morning, but ended up going with a straight forward Lummos base and top. It was dry before I knew it! Much quicker than I remember from the last time I used it.
  9. geeg
    LUMOS top & bottom coat is AWESOME! Incredibly quick to dry and long lasting especially if the client adds an extra top coat after a few days. Nice retail seller too! :D
  10. blossom
    Are you all talking about nail varnish on natural nails, or over acrylics or gels? I think it's the former . . . sorry, have read through again and still not sure :confused:
  11. Ellebelle
    I have to be honest and say I've never tried this but surely if it really was that simple and long lasting then why has Shellac power polish and gel polish been invented?

    I totally Agree with not doing something your not sure of unless your client is in full agreement that it is an experiment and it may not work. If a client comes to me wanting a certain polish that isn't a Shellac colour yet then I would use Lumos Fab stuff!

    E xx
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  12. TracyS
    Pleased it's not just me thinking that!

    Don't be pushed into offering a service you aren't trained in, don't feel comfortable with, at the behest of a client because 'salon x does it this way'. Stick with the systems you know work for the products you have.
  13. tanfastic
    I tried Seche Vite as a top coat last night at a pamper evening and Seche Clear as a base coat, it dried super fast over the top of ordinary nail polish and left a lovely glossy finish. Not sure how long it will last though but it was just a basic tidy, file and polish so a few days worth of wear for £6.00 isn't that bad. I was hoping to get some Lumos but didn't have time to wait for delivery. Well impressed but will defenitely order some Lumos next week
  14. NoticeableNails
    Have a look at some of my previous posts regarding star nails quattro.
    I have tried a few gel topcoats that say they can be used over polish and I keep coming back to quattro.
    Keep the polish thin and make sure it is touch dry before applying. I clean my instruments, book next appointment and pack away whilst they dry a little. Then I add the Quattro and cure in my lamp.
    It lasts beautifully until it is filled off at the next appointment.

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  15. Jo's Nails
    Listening to Doud Schoon (i hope that's how you spell his name) on nail Talk Radio he says that if you mix normal polish with gel polishes the photo initiator wont work and the gel will be left un-cured which will lead to problems.xx
    A neighbour of mine used to do this her self she bought a cheap 36w lamp from ebay a load of polishes and a uv top coat. I now Gelish her nails.xx
  16. enomis
    Try Chroma gel !! It's the answer to
    Ur question !!!!!! Please listen
  17. LindseyFerrand
    Thank you all so much for the replies, you start to knock your confidence when things go wrong. But yes, i have now learnt that i should only offer services that i know work well and get the result.

    I called her today and she was fine, i just said im not aware of that service that x salon used. And offered a freebie...try and convert her into shellac ha.

    Thanks all sooo much ladies,

  18. kasik
    I put gelish top coat over normal polish.
    It works great, I wait only a moment - I clean my place meantime etc, takes me minute-two, and it is enough to put gel top coat - on a wet polish it sometimes caused polish wrinkle.
    I do not do this often, now the color range is better and better, but a half year ago it was rather poor. And I have lots of beautiful OPI polishes - so I did experimented on me, than friends, and then clients - although they always know what it is - polish+uv top coat - so they do not have extra expectations, and I charge like regular manicure only. The difference is, that polish on feet shines for two week holiday on the beach :) and on hands it seems also to stay longer. I did not encounter any problems so far.
    And although not recommended it is tempting - I have downsized my polish collecion, but it is still 200 beautiful colors. Mostly OPI, so I hope they will catch up with gelcolor soon :D.

    Does anone have a link to what Dough said? Seems a bit strange, how polish underneath can stop photo inhibitors from working?

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