Having to pee a lot after massage??

Discussion in 'Skin' started by happysez, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. happysez
    Hi I gave my client a massage yesterday as she was aching from exercising a lot. She said she had been on a diet for 3 weeks but had only lost a pound, she was quite upset about this. She isn't a big lady and I told her she didn't really have much to loose and how muscle ways more than fat etc.

    She had a massage for about one and a half hours and in this time she had to get off the bed 4 times to pee. She also said she had a slight headache, I thought this could be the toxins being released. I have just asked her how she felt and she said great but she pee'd all night.

    Could this of been water retention and a reason why she hasn't lost much weight?

    Thank you x
  2. gillian w
    were you using any essential oils in the oil.
    Yes massage can aid with ellimination as it gets blood flow and lymph on the move.Also it relaxes and some people dont empty their bladders properly due to stress and tension.
    More often than not though when people say they have been dieting and haven't lost any weight especially in 3 weeks they are not being as strict as they think with their diet.Unless they have a thyroid peoblem or another medical condition.
    When you massaged her did you notice any puffiness especially in ankles and feet and fingers which would indicate fluid retention.
  3. happysez
    Hi thanks for getting back to me.

    I told her that it would be elimination of toxins as lymph was being stimulated.

    Yes I did use an oil, it was black pepper but only on the legs as she said they hurt a lot from exercise.

    When I asked her what she was eating she told me a more mediterranean diet using olive oil , eating avocado and things like that, which i told her were still really high in fat.

    No she didn't have any swelling but as she was going to the loo so much I just wondered if water retension might be a course.

    I can only think that whatever it was was a good thing, well i'm hoping that anyway. :eek: x
  4. gillian w
    Black pepper does have diuretic properties.
  5. happysez
    I only used 3 drops but maybe it could have been that, next time I won't use it and see what happens.
    thank you x
  6. eden5995
    A lot of my clients say they pee a lot after a massage, even if it's just a back and shoulder massage.
    We don't use essential oils anymore due to the intolerance of so many clients, so I would be extremely surprised if it was the oil you used. I would think it was your original thought - pretty much with an hour and a half you are going to de-tox the body into peeing. It's not a bad thing, I tell my clients to keep up their fluid intake to flush them through but to stay away from coffee as this can give them an instant headache.
    Good on you for the information to help your client and for encouraging her in her weight loss.
  7. glossygirl89
    I've been training in massage at college and my tutor said that it can quite often make you go to the loo just because of the toxins released etc and low and behold when i get it done i have to go like twice in the space of about 40 minutes :eek:

    If she's trying to lose weight she could also be drinking a lot of water which she might not be used to which might explain this also!
  8. happysez
    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I called her the next day and she said she felt great! x

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