Heart attack or trapped wind...don't laugh i could be dying

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Northern Nails, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Northern Nails
    I know this isn't the most pleasent of topics but does anyone suffer from trapped wind?

    It started at 4pm yesterday when i was with a client, i felt a sudden pain in my chest and although it eased a little it was very uncomfortable. Luckily she was my only client of the day so when finished came straight home

    I woke up at 2am last night with such terrible chest pains again, i thought i was having a heart attack...lol, and wondered if this could be a symptom of trapped wind. I came down stairs and took two painkillers which eased it but i can still feel it this morning. I'm working later on and don't fancy sitting there if i'm gonna have a heart attack...lol
    Can't get an appointment with the doctor, the receptionist said i should have called at 8am this morning for appointments :irked: so will have to call 2morrow morning now

    Does anyone suffer from this and what helps?
  2. Sassy Hassy
    Could you try phoning NHS Direct? Sometimes we can worry ourselves into making our symptoms worse so try and relax hun. Take care and hope is goes asap.
  3. Nail creations
    Hiya your not having an heart attack so dont worry LOL. I have had this before and it sounds like trapped wind to me or heart burn. Have you tried rennis.
  4. Northern Nails
    NHS direct, have phoned them before for my son and they were very good. but i would feel embarrased if they said it was trapped wind and i thought i was having a heart attack. Mind you don't get me wrong i would prefer the trapped wind...lol. I cant take a deep breath in without it hurting...i think i'm stressed:Scared:
  5. Northern Nails
    thanks, i know its not heart burn so do Rennies help tapped wind?

    If it is trapped wind god help anyone that is around when it clears cos it really hurts:eek: .
  6. Sassy Hassy
    Well if it makes you feel any better my daughter was in hospital with suspected appendicitis as she had chronic pain. Turns out it was a severe case of constipation!!!!!!!!!!
  7. River

    Why don't you call your doctor again and insist on an emergency appointment if you are really worried about this.

  8. kay welch
    maybe you have pulled somethng when you where doing nails i get pains in my rib area.And always after i have done nails sitting a funny angles and peoples odd shaped tables if your worried go to the doctors im sure if it was your heart it would have stopped by now???
  9. Northern Nails
    Thanks Sassy for that...lol!!

    I often get chest pains some worse thatn others and iv'e been sent for scans before and everything was clear. Its just that last night was pretty bad and with it lasting so long, i don't like to think i'm bothering the doctors if it IS rapped wind.

    I'm gonna call NHS direct.
  10. Sassy Hassy
    I get this if I have been sat badly when watching the tv.
  11. dee
    hey i once had trapped wind for about 3 days , thought i was having a heart attack , couldnt take deep breaths , i was so scared i didnt dare tell my mum :eek: when i eventually plucked up courage she gave me some andrews fizzy stuff !!! a few burps and it had gone :D , i swear by it ,
    hope you get sorted hun !!
  12. vodkababe
    ***TMI alert***

    It definitely sounds like trapped wind to me.

    I had it really badly when I was about 15, I was in absolute agony, and was convinced I was dying. My Mum got the Doctor to come out as an emergency call, when he came I was laying on the sofa in tears because of the pain... I was convinced one of my internal organs had exploded (drama queen - moi?)

    The doctor laid his hands on my stomach and gently manipulated it to see if he could feel anything wrong...

    ...and I let off the most enormous fart! :eek: x a million! I was mortified! But of course, glad that it was only wind and there wasn't anything seriously wrong...

    I don't know if Rennies work but I've used Windcheaters and Windeeze capsules in the past and they both work fine...

    Hope you get rid of it soon - I know how horrid it is so you have my full sympathy!
  13. Northern Nails
    Andrews?? Rennies??

    right gonna send Paul over to the shops to get some,

    Prey for me....:hug: :smack:
  14. Buggy
    if you were having a heart attack then you would probably have symptoms of short breath and also a tingly feeling in your left arm (as this where the blood supply gets cut off first) (altho these symptoms do not always come together). i think hun you will most probably find it is heart burn which can be so severe that some people think they are having a heart attack (my dad thought he had heart problems once and it turned out to be heart burn). this is caused by acid in your stomach coming up your pipe and it causes pain in an adjacent place in the pipe as your heart is... hence why you think its your heart. (you have a little flap at the top of your stomach to prevent this and its probably not closed properly). trapped wind usually causes stomach ache and the pain is lower down in your abdomen.

    try taking some gaviscon liquid or gaviscon tablets. (think liquid is the best) which neutralises the acid and hence relieves the pain. if the pain doesn't go away, then consult your doc.
  15. dee
    rennies are better for heartburn hun , honest try andrews, or like someone else said windeeze , that is also good stuff :green:
  16. PenelopePitstop
    i suffer with that too and had it last night, i get it when i don't eat properly so when my stomach is empty wind just bashes about in there and causes awful pain. it's like colic.

    last night i knew i had to eat something to get the pain to go, even though it's the last thing you feel like doing, i eat a few dry crackers and it took it off quite quickly, but then you are left with the wind working it's way down to come out at the other end....:eek:

  17. ValencianNails
  18. Fab Freak
    I once was in hospital and I too thought I was having my first heart attack at 23.

    I was releived to find out it was trapped wind which I was terribly embarrassed about I felt so daft:smack:

    But the Matron assured me that many a man in his 40s or the heart attack years (their words not mine) would rush in too causualty think this was the case when it was just trapped wind.

    Anyway hope you feel better soon and if ever in doubt ring your Docs or NHS Direct (like Sassys said) :Love:
  19. Northern Nails
    Jus ttried the nhs helpline but its busy, waiting for my Windeeze!!!
  20. MINKUS
    welcome to bbc Cumbria, and now for the Local News......

    Weather ALERT Gale force WINDS are approaching:wink2:


    hope you feel better soon hun!

    Amb xx

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