Heat flakes/heat shield

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Emzielou, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Emzielou
    Hi guys just a very quick one

    I am looking for the heat shields that are the nice thick plasticky ones with the markings or perfect distance ( I used to have some but can't find them for love nor money now)

    I am using the cheap ones at the moment which are fine but I much prefer the other ones - think they are more pricy but last longer - I can't find then anywhere - any links please??
  2. hedkandeehair
    I'm pretty sure Bonita have the ones with markings on x
  3. Emzielou
    Ooo fab

    Also I think you use Bonita and foxy? I use foxy for budget at the moment but want another range for stock , ordered a sample of Bonita and ends were very thin - literally one strand at the end , would you say quality is the same??
  4. hedkandeehair
    The sample probably dont show the full potential of the hair, I've got a mix of foxy and bonita in my own hair at the min 75% bonita 25% foxy just stock i had that built up, the hair is going great and the 18'' bonita is very generous and only needed a few ends off to trim up. I'd give it a go, perhaps offer a disounted fitting to someone who is willing to be a test case, then keep in touch with them to see how the hair is on a monthly basis.

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