HELP!! Color Pigment and Acrylic Mix Ratios

Discussion in 'Nail' started by tigger_gyrl, May 30, 2008.

  1. tigger_gyrl
    Hello, Geeks!

    I have been searching this site for DAYS trying to find a thread on mixing color pigments with acrylic powder. I have been trying to get translucent colors by mixing the pigment with clear acrylic. What I end up with is a MESS...:irked: When I apply the acrylic to the nail, it's cloudy instead of clear when it sets!!!:grr:

    What is the ratio for mixing pigment with clear acrylic so that when it sets it's translucent??

    Any help is MUCH appreciated!!!!
  2. kiwigirl63
    I dont know if this helps but I had this problem a while ago and what the problem was the clear powder wasnt clear it was natural powder. Try putting some on a tip and then cover it with gel topcoat and cure it. If the finish is glassy clear then I dont know what else to suggest. If it comes up cloudy then go back to the manufacturer telling them that the wrong powder is in the container. Worth a try.
  3. tigger_gyrl
    I actually don't use much natural powder. And the particular powder that I used, it was clear when I used it before. Only when I try to mix color pigment with the clear acrylic powder it gets cloudy. I thought that maybe I used too much color pigment.....
  4. preciousfa02
    its 3 parts clear acrylic to one part glitter
  5. Doorie
    glitter OR pigment?

    glitter, you mix keeping always more acryl than glitter, obvious.
    pigments, keep more acryl... but test everytime you add something.

    if you want something really translucent, NEVER cloudy AND with the intensity of the color never changing, use a drop of Colordrops that you add to your monomer (in your dappendish, never in the bottle)

  6. Mieke
    If you add pigment that is not translucent itself wouldn't you always get a clouded look?
    Try it with a bit less pigment that you add to the clear powder...if it still looks clouded then you know no matter what you will do that it doesn't really work.

    What if you just try mixing colored acrylic with some clear powder to get a tranlucent look? If you are out for a glass clear translucent colored finish i would suggest using color drops aswell.
  7. tigger_gyrl
    In this case, it's just the pigment...but what is Colordrops, and where do you get it from?
  8. tigger_gyrl
    This makes sense...However, I don't have any colored acrylic as of yet (will be ordering from EZflow soon!). But I will try the the color drops, once I find out where to get them....Thanks everyone!:hug:

    Any more ideas are greatly appreciated!
  9. angel fingers
    i'm afraid mixing the pigment in with clear will not result in a translucent colour.
    the colour and clear need to be combined at the manufacturing stage to result in a powder that will give this look.
    you will need the colour drops, they are a strong dye that change the colour of the monomer and you use them with clear powder to acheive translucent colours. ezflow sell them and so do young nails.
  10. Doorie
    I think Ezflow called them rainbow color or something.

    indeed, they are (I do have some, that are not Ezflow labelled ;)) 7 colors, blue, yellow, red, green, orange, pink, and black (not sure for the black) and you add JUST A FEW DROPS to your dappen dish, never in the bottle, and it dyes it. this way, with color powders clear based you can create a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE range of colors, with all the shades you want.
  11. tigger_gyrl
    What kind do you use?
  12. Doorie
    slap me I imagined there was a black one...

    mine are Artist Nail Design... or Artistic ND... something close... got them like a few days ago so I didn't really remember the name ;)
  13. VHunter
    Ooooh I found an old thread LOL
    What brands/makes of pigment do you use and where do you get it from? Do you still use it and do you love it etc etc etc......

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