Help! Given Verbal Notice - Does it stand??

Discussion in 'Business' started by Moby, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Moby
    Hi guys! Urgently need some help here please!! Sorry its a long one! :cry:

    I have been having some major issues at my new work place recently and finally decided to hand my notice in.
    I woke up one morning thinking "I REALLY don't want to go in today" and feeling super unhappy about it because I love doing nails!!

    So I wrote up my notice giving 4 weeks and took it in. (Also, my boss knew I was unhappy and thinking of leaving so we had already discussed it.) Plus I did sign a contract for 4 weeks written notice but she never gave me a copy of my contract.

    I forgot she was away for a few days but rang her first thing in the morning. I told her I was unhappy and was handing in my notice. She said it was fine but really wants me to stay and would discuss with me when she's back. I said that was okay. I also offered to stay an extra couple of weeks because I know it is really hard to find technicians - which I thought was super nice of me!!!

    Anyway, she was away the whole week, & for some stupid reason, I didn't want to leave my notice in the till so I took it home!! I don't know why!! I don't know the weekend girls and felt uncomfortable!

    AND THEN I GOT SICK! I have been sick with a major bug and been off from last tuesday to today (& will include tmw). I felt so bad and apologised loads and said I would get a docs note for sure. I have been to docs & to the hospital. But all I can think is that she thinks I'm some big liar who is trying to ruin her business and leave because I don't care!! Well I do care! And I feel bad for the clients plus she owes me a whole weeks wages!!

    Now I have been up all night sick again and been to hospital from 6am until 9am, finally got home, got some sleep and woke up at 3.45pm and rang the salon. Boss was not in but my colleague was and she told me that the boss has been harrassing her about where my notice is and that she won't accept my notice because she needs the letter in her hand to confirm!!!!

    My boss has not once told me she is not accepting my verbal notice and will def need it written in her hand!! Why not tell me?? I could have posted it as soon as!!! Now i've worked 2 & a half weeks into my 'notice' (well hardly worked) and it means nothing!! I'm ultra annoyed because I would have done an extra few weeks for her anyway but now she has totally bitched when I was trying to help her out!

    what can I do??? Do I have a leg to stand on?? I can't help being sick! :cry: I really don't want to work another 4 weeks notice - it's just principal now! To me, someones word means alot and I'll be very upset if she turns this whole thing around on me. please help!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:
  2. jellybean83
    awww no..... thats so awful... well you could write up two copies of the notice to quit... and just back date it say a week??? then you would only have 3 weeks left.
    if it is back dated and you both have a copy.. she wouldnt be able to take this any further i dont think as its signed and dated and you would both have a copy. just put it on the desk and say no more and when you last week is about just remind her. when she goes back to your notice to quite she will notice the date and wont be able to say no more. If she was to try and take it further ~(which to be honest why would she because it wouldnt get her anywhere) because at the end of the day you could just do a few weeks and take the rest off sick....

    It is awful when you work somewhere you really hate.... i know lol

    :hug: chin up.... 4 weeks at most and all will be over worst to happen will end up being not paid for a week or so.... start looking for jobs and applying so you have something to walk into
  3. kylieb
    Could you not back date the letter to 2 and a half weeks ago? Seems like she has been a bit sneaky here, very sneaky infact!
    Explain to her that you told her over the phone and she didnt ask for anything written.
    What a cheek! xxx
  4. angel fingers
    i dont know the answer unfortunately.
    but i wanted to just lend my support and encouragement and sympathy to you and any others that are in the situation of hating their jobs, it must be hell.:hug:
  5. collin
    wow what a bummer....If I were you I would ring Acas first thing in the morning and they will give you sound legal advice as to where you stand...and all free of charge :hug:

    Good luck
  6. 'chelle
    Hun, this is far too important an issue to rely on the comments of a forum for salon professionals, not legal profssionals!

    Collin's advice is the best. Ring ACAS, and you could also try the citizens advice bureau.
  7. Moby
    Hi again, thanks for all your replies and support!

    I went in yesterday (and really shouldn't have to be honest). By 11am I was feeling horrible and just wanted to go. by 2/3pm I told her I really wanted to go (been to the loo about 4 times by this point - and once while with a client!) Just felt total uncomfortable & sick! Well she said wait to see how I feel and then at 3/4pm she still wanted me to stay and finish 2 more clients! I didn't go home until just before 6pm!
    Was so annoyed, thought "she doesn't care how i'm feeling, she just wants the money in & clients happy."
    That night, after starving myself after a week, I finally had a big meal and had a relapse!! By this point I didn't care, just thought well i'm sick, she's not bothered about my health really so why should I care. Texted her early hours of the morning saying I won't be in. She was not happy obviously! Rang me then texted saying she's changed all these clients who want me and that If I really cared about the salon & didn't want to mess her about I would come in. I was not too bad yesterday and if i'm not dying I should be in!!!
    What the frig?? I was fuming! Texted her bk saying i'm sick & i'm not gona be forced into work and told her not to ring again cos It's 4am and I don't want to argue and wake people up.
    Her final txt was she's not arguing and that everyone said that I wouldn't come in and that they were right.
    Well I decided that's it, i'm not going back, just angry and didn't care anymore.
    So finally fell asleep at 6am & woke up at 12pm, not feeling too bad but didn't know how to tell my boss. So asked my sis and she took me to work this afternoon. But before I went, I got a call asking for a full set and a pedicure. well - i'm not gona miss out on £55 for myself so booked her at 5pm. Got to work about 3.30pm and told her I'm getting my things, I want to get paid what I'm owed and then i'm going. She asked "are you ill?" I said yes and she said said "well I got my friend to ring you and you booked her in so you're not ill. You could have worked"
    Cheeky c u next tuesday!!!! I told her my solicitors would call her to sort it and left.
    well, didn't see that one coming!
    Rang my solicitors and they told me that i've been there under 6 months and that NO company can really hold you to too much. He said she LEGALLY HAS TO PAY ME ANYTHING THAT I HAVE WORKED and it doesn't matter that I walked out!
    So i'm going to my citizens advice next week too and will take info with all the problems I've had there so will hopefully have this sorted!!! I hope I did the right thing!

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