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Discussion in 'Hair' started by muppet772, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. muppet772
    Can anyone recommend a good hair colour stripper. I have had a red colour touch (sorry can't remember the number but 66/45 rings a belll) hair put in my using 4% vol.

    Whilst the colour has gone down it is still clearly there and massive line between my natural colour. My colour was done in October.

    I would ideally like too go back to my natural colour, so any good quality colour strippers that won't have massive damage on my hair you could recommend I would be really grateful. Thanks. x
  2. Bluerinse
    Are you a professional?

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  3. muppet772
    Hi... I am on salon geek as a qualified beauty therapist but not hair. Thought some geeks could give me some advice on this. As my friend who is a hairdresser is away and would like to get it done. Thanks
  4. Bluerinse
    Well two choices, you could either wait till your hairdresser is back or
    go to a different one, I wouldn't want to give you advice for two reasons, firstly your not a hairdresser same as I am not a Beauty therapist and would not seek advice on my AhA facials for example simply because it's your job to know it and not mine lol and secondly I'm sure if you were to ask your hairdresser they should be more than happy to help :) x

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  5. Lou x
    I'm not a hair geek either but my hairdresser tells me stripping is terrible for your hair so I would definitely wait for their advice if I was you x
  6. lauren89

    I think if done correctly and by a professional stripping is not always 'terrible for your hair.'
  7. Lou x
    Well my hairdresser says that stripping is bad and erasing is much better, the point I was getting at was that we don't ask hair geeks for D.I.Y tips and visa versa.
  8. lauren89
    Lou I totally understand the point you were getting at about non professionals, I just don't think the information about stripping being terrible for your hair is totally correct.

    I was just pointing out that done professionally, having your hair stripped is ok. I had my hair stripped from black to a blonde and my hair is still in good condition because it was done correctly.

    I get so many people who want to go lighter and as soon as you say 'I'm going to have to strip your hair' they start panicking because like you think it's terrible.

    But I totally agree that done by a non professional would definatley end up in disaster.
  9. Penners
    Is and erasing the same thing as a stripping but just a softer word that doesn't frighten clients?:eek:
  10. lauren89
    Stripping generally means a bleach bath whereas erasing is using a colour removing product such as Efassor.

    But people will probably have different terms for each. x
    We use a product in our salon called 'Eraser' by Affinage... It will remove the pigment from your hair without damaging it at all, and then you can just colour over the top straight after to get back to your natural shade... We have done this on several clients and it works a treat... although it may be hard for you to apply to your own hair so you may need to get someone to help you or wait for your stylist to get back... :) ... x
  12. BlondiRae
    Here at Blondi Rae we have a revolutionary new product that removes unwanted colour without the need for bleach bathing. It doesn't contain any peroxide, ammonia or bleaching agents, so it leaves your client's hair in great condition! It works by shrinking the dye molecules so that they can simply be rinsed away.
    What's more, we supply products direct from the factory to the salon, thus cutting out wholesale costs & saving you money!

    Hope this helps!
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  13. Staci_x
    Loreal do a product called effasor which cleanses the hair. It will lighten to above natural colour so once desired colour level is reach you will need to colour in. Goldwell do a colour remover which removes only artificial colour, not you natural colour. Always go to a professional though as as people have mentioned if not done correctly cleansing/stripping can really damage the hair x

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