Help, I need a good skincare range!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Browns, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Browns
    I am having a huge battle getting the skin care i need in my new salon, I have tried elemis and clarins but the want a minimum no of rooms, well clarins do the rep with elemis didn't want our business as we were small even though they now dont state room amount... thats another story...
    I was going for eve taylor but a salon down road just taken on so no go there, i have enquired to Guinot but i am not holdiong my breath. Any advice on who to try next. :eek:
  2. Missbeauty
    Hi ya , I've just taken on Payot Paris and I really love it there cleansers are so lovely as is the facial massage technique!! I feel it is a luxurious brand and my clients really love it !! Give it a try xx :)
  3. mally123pink
    I have just taken on gerards. All I can say is that it is amazing! It's good for a start up for prescriptive facials and then as time goes on you cam add the other facials like chocolate therapy, glycolic and many more. I enquired about environ but I couldn't find the time for training. I am so glad I went for gerards x
  4. Zooks

    Im glad Ive found this thread, having the exact same problem myself. Have been looking at Dermalogica, findings say their support for a smaller salon is shocking, and then decleor which people rave about but their opening order is 4.5k which for me is a big factor. IM not sure what your budgets are but I have been recommended Eve Taylor and Murad.

    Let me know your findings.

    Zoe x
  5. Urbanspa
    Try BeautyLab, it's set up cost is under £500 and you get £470 of retail for free.
  6. Martin Duffy
    You could try Decleor, they support smaller salons and spas, and as you've looked at Clarins and Elemis I assume you are looking for a high end range rather than a low or mid range.
  7. Urbanspa
    Decelor minimum opening order is 4.5k same as eke is really and they usually require showers and a minimum number of rooms.
  8. Browns
    eve taylor is lovely and it was our first choice but competitor took on before us.

  9. Zooks
    Nope you're definitely not alone. What stage are you at with setting up? Its good to know someone's in the same boat! I have heard very good things about Eve Taylor I think that's the range I am going to look into. I am just putting myself through my level 3 and my college tutor has been trying to talk me out of Eve Taylor and sway me to Decleor, money is an issues though as I'm sure you appreciate when you're first setting up....rubbish!

  10. nicolao4
    I use Susan Molyneux, may not be as well known on the high street as other brands like Clarins etc, but the products are fab they also have a male range and anti ageing range, my clients love it and you do see the results. Give them a call for some samples, great customer service and quick delivery, no opening order value just a minumum order of £75 each order. Lovely packaging, looks extremely profesional and they do all sorts of starting offers too. Good thing is you can't buy it on the high street so your retail could be good on this too.
    Best of luck with your decision.
  11. exquisitebeauty
    have you tried sothys or espa or darphin or one of the others people above have said good luck xx
  12. Martin Duffy
    Decleor certainly don't require showers as no Decleor salon I've worked in have ever had them! Plus I only have two rooms, and I think there's a lady on here who only has one. As regards minimum order, as the original poster had originally tried Elemis and Guinot I was assuming they were wanting a high end product and thus expecting a higher opening order, and not just looking for cheap and cheerful.
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  13. Josie*
    Have a look at aromatherapy associates. Their products are gorgeous and no minimum room requirements.
    Amazing training too x
  14. lava shell quee
    I Use Jean Marin its brillant value perfect to retail too ,great range of facails plus available a salon services have a look ,i love it having been using my retail and re book from facials have doubled :lol:
  15. JustSo
    I am surprised to hear Dermalogica have not been easy for you to deal with. I took on Dermalogica at my salon which opened in November this year and they have been great. The support from the company, education centre, sales rep and now my Business Development consultant have been second to none. Clients LOVE the brand and have sold a lot more than I expected in a short time of being open. I have one treatment room in a hair salon in Cambridgeshire.
  16. JustSo
    Eve Taylor did a lot of work with the founder of Dermalogica in the beginning, they are a good alternative brand for those on a budget. I used to use Priadara (which I was very happy with) that was when I was based at a treatment room from home.

    With regards to Dermalogica's opening order I definately did not pay 4.5k for opening order. Give them a call, they often have deals on for opening orders and it can't hurt to try.
  17. Zooks
    @Martin Duffy

    Do you consider Eve Taylor to be "cheap and cheerful" ? I mean I know its not up there with Decleor but I think its more " affordable" than "cheap"......
  18. Martin Duffy
    I wasn't referring to Eve Taylor or any other skincare brand in particular, rather my comments were in reponse to the person who implied the Decleor start up cost was an issue, which is why I included their particular post in my reply as a quote.
  19. Rinn
    Darphin is a beautiful range
  20. Sweetyrex
    agree, decleor reps will work with you budget and salon size.

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