Help my nails are hurting!

Discussion in 'Nail' started by FabNailZ, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. FabNailZ
    I had a set of acrylic nails done today by another tech. She did everything as I would but she was a bit rougher with the eradacator and also used different products to the ones I normally have but my nails are really sore any reason why?? Thanks xx
  2. Lolla
    Possibly her liquid-powder ratio was too wet, this can make your nail ache...

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  3. ChelseaNails
    There are lots of reasons your nails could be hurting.
    You've already said she was rough so that's one.
    She may have thinned your nail plate.
    She may have applied the wrong size tips.
    She could have used an incorrect mix ratio so the product has shrunk.
    She may have been harsh with her buffing.
    She may have squeezed your pinkies too tightly.
    She may not have balanced the nails correctly so you don't have the right support.
    The nails might be longer than you're used to?
    They should settle down and you'll be able to see what's caused the pain, I would look at the balance first because you can alter that yourself :) x
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