Help slammed car door shut on thumb

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Fab Freak, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Fab Freak
    completely salammed my rght thumb in car door. got thumb in ice but nail is black and i'm in agoney got an overlay on and im scared if go to a&e they pull my nail off:eek:

    any 1 had this and what treatment can i expect
  2. louiser
    This happened to my nan but in a normal course. The end of her nail completely came off though!!! It was bandaged and no nail removed. Even when she had the surgery they didn't remove the nail, apparently its a last resort as obv no nail make a greater exposed area for infection so it might not be that bad!
  3. julia_james
    i had this and to stop the nail coming off i got a sterile needle and drilled a small hole in my nail to release the pressure
    my nail stayed black but didnt fall off
  4. HappyHands
    oooowwwwww hun that sound really painful. and eeewwwww how could you drill you own thumb my poor belly is churning away.... your best bet is to go and get it checked, i know it probally feels like one of those cartoon episode,s where it pulsates but if after a little while the ice is not numbing it then my advise would be.... be a brave girlie and get it sorted we will all be there with you...:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: there does it feel better now???
  5. Tsia
    happened to me... couldnt sleep for days.. in agony!!

    Hospital drilled a hole and let out all the blood. Nail did fall off and never grew back the same. Nailbed is shorter and nail is thicker, but doesnt show when l+p is on. xx:hug:
  6. NtricateDesigns
    WOW you are a trooper, I could never do that to myself, But I understand why you did it.

    Anyhoot, I'd see a doctor and ask for pain meds, as well as treatment... I really hope you fel better soon...
  7. Fab Freak
    Well arrived at A&E and saw the triage nurse who straight away said sarcastically "oh great false nails" to which i replied no sorry these are enhancements and i explained the difference lol like he cared.

    Anyway 3 x-rays later and there are break so i guess now i've just got to hope the nail stays attached.

    I have to say though when he burnt/piereced the second hole omg did it hurt when the neddle broke through, i thought i was going to faint.:cry:

    So now i guess i just sit and wait the only frustration is that I just want to remove what L&P is left but can't imagine when i can even begin to try and do this as its so blooming sore.

    Anyway one thing my enhancment must be tough as 90% is still intact:eek:
  8. HappyHands
    glad to hear you nails are ok.. lol.. and glad you went to get medical advise on it... better to be safe then sorry, you brave girlie i was there all the time with you holding your hand.:hug:
  9. Jen Smith
    Ouch!! Oh that must have hurt... I hope you get some releif now you have had the pressure released :hug:
  10. Tsia
    Didnt he numb you thumb first?? Crikey, I had FOUR needles full of anesthetic injected into the knuckle and main shaft of the thumb before I would let him even touch it! :eek: From those onwards, not once ounce of pain, even when the nail fell off days later. Luckily I had NO enhancments on at the time.
    Hope it gets better quickly! xxx:hug:
  11. Fab Freak
    Ah thanks.
  12. Fab Freak

    Nope to pain killers offered I didn;t care just wanted it over and done with it was bad enough they left me looking at the bloody needle for 20 I did'nt leg right out the door it i'm still not sure LOL
  13. nailsbydesign
    I personally wouldnt attempt to take the enhancement off, as it is to a certain degree protecting the nail plate and you just might be a lot worse off if you do try to remove it....I would just take the length down as far as possible AFTER the pain has subsided a bit, and leave the rest well alone until it grows out. You might even be able to rebalance it later on when it grows, if it is still well attached as this will protect the whole nail until it grows properly and might help keep it in a good shape as it grows....a bit like having a plaster cast on a nail!!!!. I feel for you as I know by experience just how much it hurts when you trap a finger or thumb in a car or house door.:hug: :hug:
  14. geeg
    There is no need at all to remove the enhancement ... I agree with Marilyn.

    If the nail comes off it will come of complete with enhancement still attached to it. Until that time, if it should happen, it will protect the end of the finger. It already did by being on there in the first place!!
  15. Hard-as-Nailz
    oh no! i hope ur ok! dont know what the hospital will do, but good luck i hope its ok soon. x :green:

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