help with fake tan gone wrong !! lol x

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Jewsey, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Jewsey
    hi ya

    okay dont laugh, i put on that new loreal sublime airbrush tan and omg ive messed it up, its not too bad on my upper body quite bronze but from below the waist down well ive defo been tangoed lol x my feet are stained and i look like a right twit, how can i get this off ive tried to exfoliate it off ive used a gritty hand cleaner, soap you name it i can't even wear backless shoes as im ever so embarrased also the front of my legs look browner than the back - There must something i can do to remove it - HELP!!!!! x x
    thanks x x

    jules x
  2. elfprincessem
    i have just been watching this morning and there was something on there about this, they said to mix regular table salt with lemon juice so its at a exfoliator consistency, then rub on the affected areas, this can also be a bit harsh so they mentioned adding a little bit of olive oil too, it worked wonders.
  3. Jewsey
    thanx hun ive tried everything ill give it a go tonight x x thank you x x

    jules x
  4. elfprincessem
    hope it works for you mate, let us know how you get on!
  5. Jewsey
    lol i will do if it doesnt i need a miracle pmsl x thanx x

    jules x
  6. dales nails
    lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, works wonders in a emergency,also professional tanning companys ie california tan,st tropez do a tan removal,bar/cloth if all else fails.
  7. purplebunnies
    Try and thin layer of hair removing cream, it really does work. i oversprayed my feet a while back and hair removing cream stripped that tan right out. Just remember to moisturise after using it though.
  8. louge
    Hair removing cream does work as does the lemon least youll smell nice with the lemon:green:
  9. Jewsey
    thanks guys

    something has gotta work lol x x x ill let you know 2morrow x x

    jules x
  10. fificharlie
    Hi Jules!

    What I use on my hands if I get staining is soda crystals - the ones you can put in with your washing, clean floors with - its got sooo many uses!!! I filled the sink with warm water and put some in, used a soft nail brush and it worked wonders on my hands xxx
  11. Jewsey
    cheers faye x x glad im not the only one lolx

    jules x
  12. Jewsey
    hi ya

    well i tried the lemon juice and salt remedy it did work well it faded it quite a lot but thankfully now its wearing off, just to confirm lemon juice and salt does work and smelt good enough to eat too, ohh sweet smelling footsies aswell x thanks for your help x

    jules x
  13. *Gemma*
    The answer to your problem is in Sussex, come to me and have a spray and I guarantee you will look gorg!
  14. pink kitten

    Yeah I know what you mean about the loreal airbrush tan, my feet were glowing the first time I used it. What I do now is cover my feet with the towel I stand on when I spray and that works. I gotta say the loreal spray is great, so easy to use. I'm addicted to it now.
  15. sarahj
    I had a st tropez done in a booth last night, my feet are very very brown. have tried the lemon and salt and it has helped. It has really put me off though.
  16. Jewsey
    lol i know you never know one day i will gem x

    jules x
  17. Jewsey
    i know it is good stuff i still look brown but feet look orange pmsl x but ill cover my feet next time like you suggest thank you for that tip x

    jules x
  18. louge
    Another option that you can employ when tanning feet is to apply a thin layer of moisturising cream. It will stop the tan penatrating the skin as much. When you do the feet just a light spray will work, you'll get a technique going with practice. Good luck
  19. Jewsey

    thanks emma x

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