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Discussion in 'Hair' started by BEAUTY4U, Dec 4, 2010.

    hello im a newbie so bare with me haha
    im looking for some advice on what other hair extensions to offer clients i only do the sewn in extensions just now but im quite curious of the micro ring but whats the difference between micro loop and micro ring and which hair:lol: ?
    any help would be appreciated please xx
  2. lusciouslox
    you should try to see on you tube. there are many videos you can see there
  3. makeupfx

    Micro loop and Micro ring are basically the same method... ..

    ...The hair extension strands are attached to the natural hair via the use of a small metal ring.

    The difference is ;

    Micro loops: are extensions strands that have the ring already attached.They also come with a pulling thread that is already inserted through the ring.

    Micro ring: the ring, hair extensions strand and pulling thread ( or needle) are all seperate. For this method you will need i-tip extensions, micro rings and a pulling thread or needle.

    You will also need a pair of extensions pliers for Micro Loops and Micro Rings...

    I am a professional Extensions tech , in my experience Loops tend to slip alot.... I would advise the Micro Ring extensions.Also, when purchasing the rings, go for the SILICONE lined rings.. they are more expensive but they're worth it...They are extremely gentle in the hair and they don't slip.

    Hope that helps... xx
  4. Stephie
    Hi, I've been working with Balmain for a while and they have allways done pre bonded extensions, but they have recently introduced the soft ring system with their Doublehair and weft systems. It's so fast. just 25 minutes for length, although I still use the bonds as well for more permenant.

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