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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Lellipop, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Lellipop
    My daughter has dyed her dark hair blonde :rolleyes: It went blonde in some areas but orange in others, I was taught to only ever bleach twice and then use a toner on it. Well today I reapplied the bleach but didnt want to knacker her hair so just left it for 20 minutes and washed out now the orange patches have gone lighter but are still orange, My mate is going to the wholesalers tomorrow and says she will get me a ash blonde toner. Do others feel this will do the job as I was taught to get the hair to a yellow colour before applying toners ???????
  2. honeymummy
    you are right about getting the hair yellowy before a toner,
    I used to use the clairol born blonde toner, that was good.

    the toner your freind will get you should do the job, as ash will neautralise the gold.
    do you reckon you should do a strand test first?
  3. JDs
    It sounds as though you may not have gotten enough lightener on certain areas, the temp in the room can effect it also along with where on the hair strand it stayed orange.
    Honey mummy is correct. You need to take it to a pale yellow stage before toning or the hair will go back to the dark side and not lighten. And you will still be in the same predicament of different tones in the hair.
    If you protein and moisturize the hair and then re apply the lightner to only and orange spots you can do it without damaging the hair.

    What Vol of developer did you use?
    Did you use heat with it?
  4. Lellipop
    I used 40% on it but did only leave on for 20 minutes
  5. Jeni Giles
    your toner strength needs to be the same strength as your remaining pigment- your blue if the hair is orange needs to be as deep as your orange, typically an orange result means you only lightened to a level 5 medium brown. You will need to get to a deep yellow or yellow, baby chicken color, before a blue-violet toner will work, best if you can get to pale yellow, inside of a banana peel before using violet.

    The best approach would be to lighten the orange pieces to the desired lightness or at least get the strands to be a more even color before taking care of the orange.

    You know the color wheel from custom blending, same thing works with hair color, all brown is an unequal mix of red, yellow and blue, pull out the tutorial it has tons of info!!!
  6. xxxharmony

    I had the same problem messing around with my hair and im a hairdresser!!!! I used wella 10/16 Koeston perfect with their pastel toner peroxide. You apply and watch and only apply on the yellow areas. Keep watching otherwise the ash in the colour will turn your hair very ashen. I found this worked for me. If in doubt call wella technical line they are brillient and will talk you through.

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