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Discussion in 'Skin' started by angie32, May 9, 2010.

  1. angie32
    My mum would love to have lash extensions but she has quite hooded eyelids. Its mainly the outer corners that it effects but the skin lays on the lashes pushing them down a bit.

    If I can do her lashes, Im guessing as she is older ( 70 ) I should use finer lashes 0.15's? and not to long. I have some y lashes on order so I could try some of those to.
  2. julesgems

    Try taping/lifting her lids up slightly with some micropore tape, this will help you get to those awkward lashes! I have a lot of older clients who are in the same boat and this is the way I do them.

    You will find that most clients who like lashes usually have awkward natural lashes or very fair sparse lashes - these clients are my bread and butter!
  3. angie32
    yeah i thought about taping the lid up but I was worried what would happen to the lashes when I untaped it and the skin fell ontop of them ( it is just in the corners tho )

    What curl/length/thickness do you use with your older clients most?
    I really wanna get it looking nice for my mum bless her, she hates her eyes and tiny, short lashes so it will give her a real lift.
    Have you tried y lashes? Ooh tell me all about them if you have :D:D:D
  4. julesgems

    For older clients I tend to use the shorter lashes - no longer than 10's, perhaps 0.15mm/0.20mm width (mix them up) and usually B's, perhaps some C's to the outer edges to lift the lids a little.

    I don't go for the flirty look with these clients - tend to keep the length across the eye the same, with the exception of shorter ones towards the nose area.
  5. julesgems
    I have tried the Y lashes but to be honest, usually older clients lashes are not as strong and I feel they can't take the Y lash. Also, if you use longer lashes on the older client, they can look a bit spidery if they haven't many lashes.

    Y lashes are handy for filling in gaps if the client has strong lashes.

    Untape the lids very carefully and the lashes will be fine.

    Grab yourself a few "models" of different ages and have a play with different lengths and looks - see what works best for you. Have fun!
  6. priory
    Yes, I wouldn't suggest using Y lashes on older clients either. Use longer eyelashes towards outer corner, because when you will finish and take the tape of the eyelid will cover a bit of their length and if you use really short ones they will not be visible. Good luck :hug:

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