Hot Wax v Cold Wax

Discussion in 'Skin' started by CadenceAlex, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. CadenceAlex
    Could someone help me out and explain the difference? Is one an older system? Are they both as effective?

    Who uses what? What is most popular?

  2. oey
    By cold wax do you mean the type you buy from Boots?
  3. CadenceAlex
    No, I am talking about professional systems - I had a girl come in with her NVQ 2 cetificates and she was telling me about her treatments... I asked her about the waxing.. and she says she never uses hot wax.. yet has a wax pot? Perhaps I made the error and she was telling me that she never uses HOT wax.. as in HOT...

    ..I just don't know!
  4. oey
    Does she mean the warm wax that is most commonly used in salons that is applied by spatula and removed with cottn/paper strips? This often comes in tubs from the suppliers.

    Hot wax is applied by spatula too but built up in layers and removed by hand by flicking off. More effective on stubborn/deep rooted hairs.

    Think warm wax is more commonly used.
  5. BABSann
    Hot wax as in what we use in college is a hotter temperature than warm wax(hence the expression)It's used in layers built uopn each other,usually 3 or 4.

    Strips aren't usually used for larger areas,you usually have a little lip in the corner then rip the piece of wax off.It's excellent for Asian skins of hair that is stronger,i.e terminal(bikini,eyebrow)

    I am trained in hot wax but we dont use hot wax in the salon just warm wax and have never had any problems from not using hot wax.

    If she uses a wax pot then it will be warm wax,not cold.HTH
  6. CadenceAlex
    Thanks both of you... that's cleared that up

    She was telling me she uses strips, if that explains Oey... but I am clueless about waxing to be honest :hug:
  7. BABSann
    Strip waxing = warm waxing HTH:green:
  8. oey
    Definately sounds like the more commonly used warm wax. I use this on all waxing instead of hot wax at the moment and it works fine!
  9. littlepinkfairy
    i think that generally HOT wax is mostly used for brazilians and hollywoods, i don't think many therapists would use it for leg waxing etc!!!
  10. CadenceAlex
    Easy to remember!! Thanks

    Great, she has come to work with me and I am debating whether to let her use her own things such as Wax pot or buy them... I have got to give it some thought
  11. BABSann
    There's not really any need to use it on the legs,unless the client has a very strong hair growth,in which case it gives wonderful results.

    I would also definately have it if I lived in an area with a lot of dark skinned people,reason being is that usually their hair is much stronger and responds so much better to hot wax rather than warm.

    Hot waxing is very different in application and is a real bonus if you can add it to your skills list.

    Cadence,the warm waxing=strip waxing is just a general guideline,most peeps dont use the strips with hot wax but they can be used for smaller areas if needed.HTH
  12. oey
    Glad it helped - do take on board littlepinkfairy's advice though - brazilian/hollywood waxing is more specialist and is normally covered by separate training/certificate is she is offering that.
  13. CadenceAlex
    Yeah I am just going to offer standard waxing and see how we go with that... got a few young lads who come in and are ohhhh so vain - always getting their top halfs spray tanned and they are interested in having their chests and arms waxed... :eek: ... ouch is all I can say!!
  14. gillian w
    Hot wax is excellent, for many years i used nothing but.Now its not cost effective for me as it shouldnt be re used.I have one client who has her own pot which i do filter and reuse otherwise you have to charge a lot more.I dont build up in layers though just put on in thick layer and almost stir it into hair in a kind of figure of eight movement.
    Also i think the wax gets better after a good few uses which is also not possible when you have to keep throwing it away.
    At college we strained it through clean tights to get the hair out put it back in the heater whacked pot up high to kill germs and re used and im sure it was fine but cant do that now.
  15. pinkmummy
    Same here Gillian, but I still keep a pot of hot wax handy (single use only.) I still prefer it for bikini lines and the occasional underarm. If like my daughter the client is very slim it's a nightmare waxing into a really hollow armpit. lol, no other way to describe it. My clients appreciate the wax not adhering to the skin in these sensitive areas, and my daughter screams blue murder if I go near her underarms with traditional wax now she's had the hot stuff. Wussy girl!:lol:
  16. estherlou
    i was trained to use warm/strip wax for large areas like arms legs etc and hot wax for course hair, i.e bikini and underarm, i find that the hot wax causes alot less discomfort and soreness after removal on these areas, I use a tub of wax and layer up my patches with figure of eight like gillian, so not re-using wax but it lasts ages as you only need a small amount for thoses areas.
  17. Axiom
    I agree, I love hot wax and always have a pot of both strip and non-strip wax on the go in the salon.

    As an added bonus, the newer hard waxes by companies like Perron Rigot, Depileve and Hive aren't as "hot" as the old reusable waxes, and tend to go on much thinner and stay flexible as they cool.

    I wouldn't be without my non-strip/hard wax and prefer it for all Brazilian, facial and underarm waxing, but like many things I guess it's what people are used to and I know loads of therapists (like Babsann and Huberella) who get perfect results with strip wax every time.

    :D Andy x
  18. Brandywine
    I'm now wondering if I'm missing out on something here. I've only been waxing for about 8 months and only have 4 or 5 clients (for waxing)as I'm still building up my client base.
    At college I only did 1 practical session with hot wax. Our lecturer said it was out dated and nobody really used it any more! I'm thinking that maybe we didn't get the best information. I based my information on buying the pHd system, which I get on well with, but I now wonder if my clients are missing out on the fact I can't hot wax too.
  19. Axiom
    Hi Faye,

    Each of us has our own preferred waxing system and products - I love the newer hard waxes and this is my preferred wax for Brazilians and facial waxing, whereas people like Huberella and Babsann are whizzes with the strips. I don't get on with roller systems, but other Geeks swear by them. But that's because I have spent nearly every working day since qualifying using the pot and spatula method, plus I have invested a lot of time in finding and practicing with a hard wax that I like. Like most things, if I were to swap to another waxing system or product there would be a learning curve before I felt 100% confident.

    If you are getting excellent results with pHd and your clients are happy, then I would stick with what you know and become a master with it. Having said that, there's no harm in testing the water with other waxes and different systems, and you may find something you prefer. Nothing to lose (except perhaps your hair!). :D

    Andy x
  20. Good Skin Day
    I love hot wax for brazilians and hollywoods, so am very much in agreement with Axiom and pinkmummy :green:

    Lots of beauty salons up here (oop North lass!) think hot wax is outdated and one salon I spoke to didn't even know what it was :eek: , but I know of loads of waxing 'gurus' in London who swear by hot wax for better brazilians with less discomfort.

    I think because warm/strip wax is easier to master, it tends to be more widely used than hot wax. I think both are equally good, but for different purposes.

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