Hot wax, which areas?

Discussion in 'Waxing' started by xkayla_herex, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. xkayla_herex
    I done my wax training quite a few years ago including hot wax however I always only done strip wax so just wanted to know a few answers;

    What areas is this usually applied? Would you do a full leg wax with this or just use strip (as surely it would take longer)

    Face waxing with hot wax is this a no?

    When doing Hollywood waxing can you do the lip and bum area with hot wax? If not how close can you go?
    As I can imagine this could be difficult on the lip area any tips would be great.

    With the technique should you always apply oil first?

    When doing a Hollywood with hot wax do you get clients to bend both legs out and go back and forth on both sides- apply to hot wax to one side, whilst letting that dry apply to the other then go back to first side and pull of then to the second side and start again?
  2. KrisKross
    Sounds like you could do with some general waxing refresher training and specific intimate wax training.
  3. xkayla_herex
    I have been strip waxing for a 8 year and am very confidant in this- Brazilians and hollywoods are very popular but in a new salon I'm taking over they use hot wax as well as warm so just wanted to know about the hot wax as I havnt got much experience in this. I'm already doing courses in other stuff so didn't want to do another course. I just want to know about hot wax for the bikini lip area, do you just use the strip wax for this and hot wax for the rest of the bikini area?
    Would be grateful for any help.
  4. Ruthvenx3
    I use hot wax for the whole Brazilian. Seriously worth investing in training though. It's a painful one to get wrong!!
  5. pure
    Staff Member
    I can't imagine using strip wax for a Hollywood or Brazilian! So much more painful. You can use hot wax for the entire process however I would strongly recommend you do the specific training first. In fact please don't practice on someone's intimate area without training.....the thought is horrifying! I'm surprised your insurance covers you if you haven't had specific intimate wax training as it is a specialist treatment.
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  6. philby
    I really second or third what the others have said. The new hot waxes are so different to the old stuff. Get yourself some really good training. I would and do recommend Kim Lawless' training she is the bees knees not cheep but you will leave so confident...
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  7. cloughers
    I wouldn't use strip for anything except legs. I had a client last week who'd had such a terrible job done with strip wax she had to get dressings applied at the doctors
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  8. ellideb
    I use Hot Wax for every part of the body apart from the legs, I use strip wax for these. We use Perron Rigot hot wax and it would not cost be effective to use it for the legs. I would second getting some good training under your belt.
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  9. XxmollyxX
    Ive not long completed my hot wax training, and what I've been taught is use strip wax for legs 100%, using hot is going to take far to long and be a waste of product and you may not even get very good results.

    Always wax the face with hot wax unless you have very gentle strip wax, hot wax is generally a lot more gentle and better suited for sensitive skin around the facial area. Hot wax is also easier to apply around the lip, eyebrows ect as you have a lot more control using it compared to strip.

    You can most defiantly do a whole Hollywood wax/brazillian/bikini with hot wax. If you were wanting to use strip for that area I would recomend only using strip in the bikini area and do the full lips with hot. Once again you have a lot more control of the wax which makes it a lot easer, once you get bit of practice you can rip the wax off with the stick rather then your fingers which makes working around the vaginal area easier and more comfortable as you don't actually touch the vagina at all (even though you'd be wearing gloves)

    So basically, hot wax everywhere besides arms and legs which id reccomend using strip.
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  10. Lauraiacobelli
    I get a hollywood every 6 weeks and hot wax is used for the whole process and its sooo much better than strip which ive had before. Defo hot wax all over, ur clients will love you for it xx
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  11. Mouli
    I have regular clients doing Hollywood i use hot wax for all even bum , i feel so much confident as i know hot wax is so much more gentle to skin so no skin ripping off ever. Strip wax is so much quicker but clients comfort is more hot wax...
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  12. Lulu29
    I use Perron Rigot hot wax for bikini (all areas) under arms and facial. Only use strip/warm wax on legs. Contact Kim Lawless - I've trained with Kim and her classes are brilliant. Good luck in your new job - but I would ask could they send you on a hot wax course

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