How can I become a better, more confident nail technician?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Princesskitty86, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Princesskitty86
    Like the title says.
    How can I become a a better nail technician. Every time I get a new client I get extremely nervous! How can I get past that? Every time a client comes in I keep asking them if they like their nails. Here's an example: Do you like your nails be brutal! Do you really like them you have anything wrong with them tell me right now so I can fix it. And then my boss keep telling me hurry up hurry up! (Mind you that she doesn't do nails. She does only hair.) It's been 30 minutes! And then I feel like when nobody comes in it's my fault because their nails have lifted or come off!

    Here's the thing about these products that I'm using they are working good but when I go to another salon so I can learn more I have to pay to get my nails done so I can see where i am going wrong. And they are using the same product on my nails. And no lifting no issues!

    The first two nails are done in 2011.
    And then 2013. Maybe I should give up!

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  2. EmilyCAndrews
    It is hard building confidence, I am still in college so I do peoples nails who I know, I do need to do someones who I dont know though. In a way just act confident, remember you know more then them about nails, just talk to them so your mind isn't on if your doing well then at the end ask how they feel about them. Your pictures look great to me, you just need more confidence then people will come back. x
  3. laurakate
    You should be paying for further training if you want to learn more, not relying on getting your nails done by other techs.

    If you come across as needy for critisism from clients it might come across in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable or alienated.

    Train with the product brand youre using...this should help your confidence :)
  4. paigemcdonagh
    Are you using CND retention liquid and Ez Flow powder? If so, this is mixing systems and will cause product breakdown.

    I personally would recommend getting some further 1-2-1 training.

    The confidence issues can only be built on by you. If a client says they love the nails you've done. It's because they probably do! If I was paying for them and I wasn't happy I would say.

    You need to take all advice on board and also all the compliments you receive aswell.

    When first starting out I felt very nervous before each client but as they come back each time saying how pleased they were and every time I looked at a set of nails I had just done and thought. "Actually they're really good". Don't get disheartened though. Everyone has their bad days.

    You just need to pick yourself up. If you ever need a nail friend, feel free to PM me :)

    Hope that helps x
  5. Princesskitty86
    Thank you for responding back!
    Can you please describe me, what is product breakdown? Because when I'm using this powder and the liquid on the nails come out good it's the cuticle work that needs to be helped. My biggest pet peeve is lifting near the cuticle area.

    Also I have a learning disability. It takes me a while to learn everything. :-(

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  6. Princesskitty86
    I did try looking for training for CND. I was looking in the CND website for classes near Houston,Texas and I could not find any. I am tired of losing clients over this! I want to get better at this! I am getting into a depression because of this. -___-;
  7. SugarMama
    You can't mix systems honey. If your using CND liquid you have to use their powder too. Mixing systems can cause lifting. How are you preparing the nail?
  8. deanosnana
    Staff Member
    Hi Princesskitty, I know how frustrating this can be.

    I would contact CND directly and ask them when/if classes will be held in your area. If none are scheduled, maybe talk to them and ask what it would take to have an EA come train you. Maybe you and some of your nail tech friends can split the cost.

    In the meantime, I would log onto the CND website and watch the L&P videos. They helped me immensely.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
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  9. paigemcdonagh
    By product breakdown we mean lifting, nails "popping" off ect.

    It may be your prep that needs improving if your enhancements are lifting at the cuticle. Or it could also be that they product has been applied to thickly in that area. It should be flush with the natural nail plate from the cuticle. Or lastly it could most definitely be the mixture of products.

    If I was you I would invest in either Ez Flow monomer, or CND Retention Powders. I myself personally use CND Retention, and have had no experience with Ez Flow. So go with the product you like best. Remember though, with changing powders you will have to get to grips with the mix ratio. I reccomend making balls and sitting them down on tips to see if your mix is right.

    Can you go through your prep? We may be able to pick out some points where you need some help.

    Paige x
  10. deanosnana
    Staff Member
    The other thing you can do, Princesskitty is post your nail pics in the critique section and get some advice on how to improve your work.
  11. Princesskitty86
    Thank you so much! For the help!
    I did contact a CND education ambassador. And she will tell me when there be classes in my area! :)
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  12. Princesskitty86
    Sorry for responding late.
    I use CND Nail fresh. And i use CND Primer. But the thing is when I do my boss nails it turn out perfect no lifting or popping off! but when I do a client I get nervous like a Chihuahua!!
  13. w1nnie
    Where's the critique section ? I can't find it anywhere !!
  14. x Fee x
    You won't find it if you are on the phone app! But on the computer when you click the nail forum, in the first box at the top of the page just before the threads, you'll find it x

    See pic :)

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  15. marion
    Can I ask who you trained with?
  16. Princesskitty86
    I got no training. I got my license on cosmetology in 2011.That's about it about training.
  17. Annemarie
    Hiya :biggrin:
    So have you had no nail training at all? You definately need training.
    There is a ton of things you need to learn. It's not just about aplying the product, you need to know the science behind the nail, products you are using too.:biggrin:
  18. Princesskitty86
    What are you talking about nail training? Because when I was in school they gave me a book about nails the anatomy about nails the structure about nails.

    Like in the picture?

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  19. deanosnana
    Staff Member
    Princesskitty is licensed, therefore she went to cosmetology school and passed her state boards. In the US, that's the correct way of obtaining you training/license.

    I'm sure she means she's had no additional training since leaving school. When you leave cosmetology school, you are trained to pass state boards. You have all the basics to become a nail technician bandIMHO, it's imperative to continue with education. :)
  20. Princesskitty86
    I got my license in my cosmetology in 2011. So I am fully licensed.
    And that's correct. In the state of Texas you have to complete 1500 hrs in cosmetology. If you are going for a manicurist license you have to compete 600 hours in the state of

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