How do I get my timings down?

Discussion in 'Waxing' started by Leah89, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Leah89
    Hi ladies, I'm really struggling to get my intimate wax timings down. It takes me a good 1hr 15mins to do a Hollywood! Not only does it stress me out but it also can make my clients late for anything else they have to do. Any advice will be much appreciated! x
  2. Abi Smith
    Practice practice practice you will get a little quicker each time each time you shave it down is better get models in at a reduced rate if needs be so you can get lots of practice
  3. Leah89
    Thanks abi, I was a lot quicker but after not doing it for a good 8 months I've got to catch up again! I find underneath takes so long to set, do you have any advice which way to do it? I've heard start underneath and work way up? X
  4. Abi Smith
    I dont do intimate yet sorry but just know from other treatments you get a little quicker each time
  5. cloughers
    Where did you train? I started at 45 mins but now can do a Hollywood in 15 mins. It's all about technique and quality wax. I only use Perron Rigot Homme or Blue wax. Practice practice. Good luck.
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  6. Leah89
    I trained with waxperts. Do you have any advice on which end to start? I find underneath takes so long to set! X
  7. Nettic
    I apply wax in different places at the same time so your not just waiting for the wax too set. Also waxxxpress do a really good setting spray called jet set too help you when the clients body temperature is high and affecting the wax xxx
  8. Leah89
    Ok I'll look into that product. Am I able to use it with waxperts products? X
  9. Ruthvenx3
    Sometimes I use a cold compress (damp couch roll) to set the wax quicker. And also putting a few patches of wax on at once so I'm always busy and ahead of myself. X
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  10. Leah89
    Ok thank you, will definitely keep practising. My waxing itself is always good and I never get complaints it's just being a bit quicker would be nice x
  11. Nettic
    I have used it with sienna x wax and it's fine lovely xxx
  12. BeautyRooms
    It's just practice you may want to look at an alternative method or additional training, I used to take 45 minutes for a Hollywood I retrained with Kim Lawless and since then 15-20 minutes, I send all my therapist on her training and they are all super quick and confident with intimate waxing
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  13. Leah89
    I have had a look on her website and might just invest in doing it! The reviews I've heard are very good so I would say it's worth the money xx
  14. Bettyboobumpkin
    Salonserves coconut peelable wax doesn't take too long but if I've only got 15 minutes I use strip for the front and peelable for the rest. Omniwax stirp is very good and as gentle as hot wax. Also lots of practice and get the client to do lots of pulling and stretching of the skin.

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